Love Me, Love My Dog (Pet Love)

Including your pet in your love life is placing the condition – Love me, love my dog. If you hate animals or don’t care about them, it will be hard to find a way to include a much-loved pet in your romantic life. On the other hand, people who just don’t get what all the fuss is about when it comes to pets turn off real animal lovers. They want to find someone who can understand what Cleo has done wrong. A pet lover won’t be scared if an animal like a cat attacks during a particularly intimate moment or if a dog growls over pillow territory.

When you first develop feelings for another person, you can’t help but think that this is the one and that your connection with them will last a lifetime. The difficulty is that you and your new significant other are going to have to spend time apart. It’s not a polygamous arrangement, but your new significant other does have a dog, and you’re not sure if you can live up to the “love me, love my dog” cliché or handle the love triangle. 

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When Love Comes With A Catch

Politics, religion, sex, music, movies, and the crucial decision of whether or not to eat olives may seem like more pressing compatibility concerns to you. However, pets sending off certain signals to potential spouses, signals that aren’t always positive ones can be even bigger concerns.

Don’t laugh; pets can generate significant tension in relationships, particularly when one partner has a deep bond with the animal (or vice versa) while the other does not. What happens if one partner doesn’t enjoy animals at all, while the other is really committed to their pet? Both of these people have things within their control that can contribute to the relationship between them becoming more amicable.

When It’s About Love – It’s All Or Nothing

Some people carry their love of animals to an extreme that is not typical. I discovered an article about a man who saved his parrot from a house fire before he saved his partner in one of those magazines that advertises that it will pay you two hundred dollars for your story. She wrote, “I’d always had a nagging feeling that I was a close second, but now it was confirmed.” She expressed her happiness by stating, “I’m just glad that ultimately he did remember to save me.” “I am aware of the leader of the flock.” They have not yet gone their separate ways.

At the same time, not everyone has the same level of devotion to their animal companion. Midwife Melissa Henry, who lives in London, recently took home two Siamese cats from a rescue shelter. After much deliberation on her part, the previous owner’s boyfriend offered her an ultimatum that read, “It’s me or the cats,” which caused her to give the cats up. 

Communication Is A Two Way Process

Love Me , Love My Dog

Try to keep in mind, if you are someone who owns a pet, that the new person in your life does not have the same kind of connection with your pet as you have, and they may not understand what it is that makes your pet so “awesome.” They weren’t there when your pet cheered you up when you were sick or made you laugh after having an extremely challenging day. They are going to require some time to become used to your pet, just as your pet is going to require some time to get used to them. It is important to make sure that your pet is well-behaved whenever your new significant other is around. If your dog’s conduct is truly an issue, enrolling them in obedience school can be a good idea. You shouldn’t try to force your new boyfriend or girlfriend to like your pet; instead, allow the relationship to evolve naturally.

Remember that this pet is very important to the new person in your life, and make an effort to convey that sentiment to them. It does not give you the right to dismiss it simply because you do not experience the same level of feeling that other experiences. The emotions that we have for our animals are typically very strong and intense, and they are frequently comparable to the feelings that we have for our human children. You should make an attempt to get to know the animal, but you shouldn’t impose yourself on it. The majority of animals can see right through someone who is “trying too hard,” and they will mistrust you because of the artificial feelings you are displaying. Make an offer to perform activities, such as hiking or walking on the beach, in which you and your partner’s pet can participate, provided the animal is well-behaved. You should definitely have some play dates with your new partner’s cat using some fun toys if they have a cat. It’s always wonderful to have a pet look forward to some tasty snacks when you come to visit them.

A relationship that is based on the principle of “love me, love my dog” has a good chance of succeeding, provided that both the pet lovers and their significant others put forth some effort.

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