The Best Christmas Makeup Looks

Ideas For The Best Christmas Makeup Looks 2022

Ideas For Christmas Makeup Look

25th December is around the corner. I’ve been busy looking for the best Christmas makeup looks to wear to parties this year. Being a woman, I like being admired and complimented on my choice of dresses, accessories, and makeup. Well, isn’t that what every other woman loves too, to get all glammed up, whatever the occasion? 

And what better time than now to pick up your cosmetic tools and use that eye shadow palette you’ve been itching to try? For some more excitement, let’s delve into the best Christmas makeup looks of 2022; looks to steal the show with wherever you go. And of course, you could save some of the glittery and glamorous ones for your New Year party too. 

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Choosing The Best Christmas Makeup Look

Choose The Best Christmas Makeup Look

Here are tips on how to choose the perfect Christmas makeup look:

  • Consider how you typically present yourself. If you generally like a more natural makeup look but decide to wear a full face and fake lashes to a Christmas party, you could find that the change in your appearance makes you feel awkward. Pick an appearance that makes you feel fantastic rather than one that isn’t really you at all. Of course, if you enjoy looking your very best for special events, as you were doing, then go for it!
  • Work on accentuating a particular area. Play to your strengths by deciding whatever feature, such as your lips, eyes, or dewy makeup on your skin, you want to stand out the most. Experiment with a feline flick or a daring smoky eye if you are skilled in the application of eyeliner. In that case, a touch of shimmer on the lids looks just wonderful. Do you wish your lips appeared to be fuller? It’s possible that a matte berry tone will make your lips look smaller, but glossy lips and a creamy nude color will do wonders for your pout.
  • The best way to improve is to practice. Do not wait until the last possible minute to try to perfect the art of applying false eyelashes before you have to leave the house. In terms of technique, there is nothing wrong with sticking with what you already know but amping up the drama by using a hue that is more vibrant than usual. Or, if you are interested in trying something new, you should experiment with it first so that you can determine what is feasible for your current level of expertise and what will work best for you.

Smokey Eyes – Let The Eyes Do The Talking

The best eye makeup trend for Christmas is the smokey eyes look because it never fails to impress. For Christmas eye makeup that is both elegant and hip, go for a bold look and add just a touch of shimmer. A touch of shimmer will take traditional smokey eye makeup to the next level of seductiveness.


  • Start by covering the lids with a primer.
  • Apply a metallic gold eyeshadow to the inner corners and blend a silvery shimmer eyeshadow all over your lids.
  • The nine colors in this little eyeshadow palette, which comes in matte, metallic, and foil finishes, provide the shine you need to wow your holiday eye makeup looks. The colors are striking, and the formulations combine well.
  • Use a pencil brush to smear a black eyeliner pencil along the top lash line to soften the lines and give the appearance of smoke.
  • You need a glitter eyeliner pencil with an excellent color payoff that applies easily to define your eyes for the holidays. It has a tiny hint of sparkle, which is what sets glamorous eye makeup ideas like smokey eyes apart.
  • Use a gel eyeliner to define the top and lower lash lines.
  • Application of volumizing mascara on your lashes
  • This mascara will give your lashes tons of volume and color so they stand out. It also curls your lashes. It includes an applicator with a fluffy brush that helps coat all the lashes thickly.

Tip: Use fruity pale lipstick colors with this eye makeup look.

Glam Eyes Christmas Makeup

Instead of the traditional warm tones of gold that are associated with Christmas, this Christmas eye makeup uses crimson. As was previously mentioned, it is essential to select darker tones; otherwise, it is likely that your eyes will end up looking more rose-colored than they will be ruby-colored. For glam eyes, you should try using a decent blend of pink and red undertones.


  • Make sure that your eyes are prepared by applying foundation and primer.
  • Choose an eyeshadow with a coppery or reddish brown tone, and begin blending it from the inner corner of your eyes toward the outside edges.
  • After blending metallic undertones or magenta undertones into the crease of the eye, finish the eye makeup by applying rose gold and white highlighting tones to the brow bones.
  • Your eyelids can have winged eyeliner drawn on them however you like.

Tip: To create a sparkling look, apply glitter to the outer corner of each of your eyes.

Christmas Eye Candy Look

If subtlety and simplicity aren’t your things, we have one of the most daring and straightforward Christmas makeup ideas that’s perfect for you!

  • To begin, make a soft smokey cat eye by applying black eyeshadow with your makeup brush to create a cat eye shape.
  • Use a shade of bright red and apply it evenly and neatly all over your eyelids.
  • Applying a little bit of black eyeshadow along the lower lash line will give the appearance of your eyes more depth.
  • When you are finished, apply sequins to the outer corners of your lower lash line in a careful manner.
  • Remember to apply a coat of mascara to your lashes so that they appear thick and long; otherwise, your appearance won’t be finished.
  • Applying a shade of bright pink lipstick to your lips will finish off your look beautifully.

Glitter & Shine This Christmas

For this year’s Christmas makeup, add some glitter and sparkle to your face.

  • Start by applying maroon eyeshadow to the crease and outer corner of your eyes.
  • In the middle of your eyelids, then, add some glittering champagne gold makeup.
  • Apply an effect-kohl pencil to your top lash line.
  • Pick a metallic blue hue. Apply a matte eyeliner pencil to the inner corner of your eyes.
  • Apply some blush to the apples of your cheeks.
  • Use a copper-pink-infused, shimmery gold color to draw attention to your cheekbones.
  • Use mascara to further define your eyelashes.
  • Apply deep rose red lipstick to finish off your appearance.

Colorful Christmas Eye Makeup Look

This is the perfect accessory to wear if you want to draw attention to your eyes while also giving them a splash of color. You are welcome to experiment with this appearance not just for the unofficial office party but also for the activities you do with your family.

  • To begin, select an eyeshadow kit that includes both matte and shimmer shadows, play around with different color combinations, and then apply the mixture to your eyelids while making sure it is well blended.
  • Use a creamy-matte bold lipstick kit with the hues a real red, a brilliant pink, and a deep red so that you can finish off the look. Choose the hue that best suits you, put it on, and then show it off!

Simply Sexy Makeup Look 

Easy to do, yet sexy to feel is this simple Christmas Makeup Look. 

  • To begin, add a shade of caramel to the crease of your eye.
  • Next, use a brown shade with a matte finish to sculpt your eyes.
  • When you are finished, place a piece of copper foil on each of your eyelids.
  • Your eyes will look more dramatic if you use red eyeliner to trace along the lower lash line.
  • Make sure to apply a highlighter to the higher points of your face.
  • A lipstick in the shade Merlot can really bring out the color of your lips.

Wrap Up 

So, which Christmas makeup looks will be opting for this year? Will it be the soft glam one with pops of color on the lip or the sparkles on the face one? Although both have been predicted to be the two key looks for Christmas 2022, nothing screams Christmas more than sparkle. And we hope our list of top Christmas makeup looks, from subtle radiance to the best red lipstick will be enough to dazzle your friends and family. 

Despite the options for the best Christmas makeup looks, they all share a joyful feeling. Enhancing your everyday appearance can help you embrace the party season in all the joyful and frivolous glory, regardless of whether you favor modest makeup or want to go all out with glitter and diamonds.

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