Top 10 Holiday Destinations In The World 2023

Looking for the best places to travel in 2023, to take you away from the hustle and bustle of routine life?

10 Best Places To Travel In 2023 

Good times or bad times, our family is always there to support us. With two difficult years almost over, it’s time to plan a holiday which can be quite challenging. But that’s precisely why we’re here, that is, to present to you our list of the top 10 holiday destinations in the world 2023, chosen by travel experts with lovely families of their own.

Families come in all different sizes and types. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you detailed information about where to go, when to go, what to see, and what to skip here. Whether you’re planning a special birthday, a trip off your bucket list, or a celebratory spin, you’ve come to the correct place.

So it’s time to make a decision of where you would like your 2023 break – the Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco or the zebra-dotted plains of Botswana, the volcanic fields of Iceland or the rich biodiverse Colombia, the blissful beaches of Bali or the spectacular mountains of Switzerland.

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San Francisco


San Francisco tops our list. Why? Read on!

  • The weather in San Francisco is one of the most pleasant ever. The temperatures are generally agreeable and mostly quite cool because of the fog.
  • Well-known for its vintage cable cars, San Francisco has so much more to offer the visitors. The Golden Gate Bridge is a feast to the eye and there is the Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, wine region, Alcatraz, the 1,000-year-old redwood forest in Muir Woods that never ceases to amaze.
  • San Francisco is known for its different cultures, which has a big impact on the museums, food, fitness, and fashion there.
  • Its cuisine reflects San Francisco’s reputation for multiculturalism. It is a leader in the discovery of new foods and offers just about every meal from around the globe.
  • The city has some fantastic shopping spots. There is literally something for everyone, from big-name stores in Union Square to shops, markets, and outlets selling vintage clothes.



Bali in Indonesia, has the finest attractions, both natural and purpose built. It is among the most visited islands in South East Asia, and it’s little wonder given its fantastic snorkelling locations and idyllic beaches. Take to the sea with your family to explore the reefs, or board a boat excursion to look for dolphins. Your family can never get enough of Bali and would want to keep coming back. 

On land, you may visit the well-known Monkey Forest in Ubud to see these playful animals up and personal. Now, doesn’t this make it one of the most special places to visit in the world for your loved ones? You could take your kids to one of the many museums and temples scattered across the island. They will get a golden opportunity to learn more about Bali’s rich cultural heritage in addition to all the other attractions.



A birding paradise, that’s what we know Colombia as. As vibrant and musical as Encanto, the popular Disney animated feature set in this biodiverse South American nation, Colombia’s raucous birdlife is a testament to the region’s biodiversity. Colombia is the world’s richest roost for birdlife with more than 1,900 distinct species of birds (or about 20% of all avian species) calling it home.

Where can they gather with their families? The Northern Colombia Birding Trail lets both serious and casual birders explore the different habitats in the country. It has the world’s highest coastal mountain range, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Tours with the National Audubon Society take 4×4 vehicles to the less-visited Perijá Mountains and the beach-filled Tayrona National Park on the Caribbean coast. Visitors can see species like the crested quetzal, the Santa Marta parakeet, and the sickle-winged guan. Along the route, Colombians and native Wayuu people work as bird guides.



Maldives, which is frequently associated with honeymoon trips, is also a fantastic place for families. Like the majority of us, we have no doubt that you have the Maldives on your bucket list. And who wouldn’t, knowing what a wonderful vacation spot it makes? Of course, watersports and beach-based activities are the main draws. from swimming to snorkelling, observing dolphins, fishing, and other activities. Even the opportunity to take a whale submarine excursion or see a movie at the seashore theatre is available. What’s best? You’re sure to love all of these things just as much as the kids do! 

A large number of international families travel to the Maldives every year to enjoy the islands’ exceptional vacay atmosphere. It’s a fantastic place for the whole family to get together for some great cuisine and educational opportunities. Art enthusiasts will also enjoy themselves here.



Switzerland is a wonderful destination holiday to take kids to. There are so many fun things to do and the pristine landscapes to explore everywhere you go. In a population of 8.7 million, Switzerland’s transit network carries 6.6 million riders daily. Families may enjoy breathtaking scenery, traditional cookies, and a Willy Wonka-style chocolate journey on its punctual trains.

The Gotthard Panorama Express begins with a steamboat ride across Lucerne’s lake, followed by a rail ride to Switzerland’s Italian-influenced south. Along the route’s climbing spiral loops, multilingual guides point out attractions like the 18th-century Wassen church. Photographers can shoot wide-angle vistas of the Reuss Valley from an open-window train car.

The Berne-Lucerne cookie train stops at the Kambly bakery, where youngsters may create their own goodies and decorate a biscuit tin. A chocolate train from Montreux serves chocolate croissants and hot cocoa, stops at Gruyères for its mediaeval old town and cheese, and ends in Broc for a tour of Maison Cailler.

Long-distance trains have a family car—a whole playground on board—and family zones with game-filled tables. The Swiss transit network takes travellers to ski spots like Laax, where families may take snowboarding lessons.



Botswana is among the best places to offer kids real excitement – a safari on foot and in a canoe. So guys, why take kids on rollercoasters when you can have them enjoy an African safari? The six-night safari includes spending your mornings watching wild elephants trot past your tented suite and your evenings walking along illuminated trails. It’s true that a week spent in Botswana will make it a favourite travel destination for your kids. 

Machaba Camp is a 1950s-style camp that offers luxury in the Delta. Set in the game-rich Khwai Concession and on the Khwai River, Machaba is the excellent location from which to look for elephants, leopards, and hippos. On 4×4 wildlife drives, you can spot huge predators, water buffalo, and elephants. If you’re not too weary, you may also go on evening game drives to witness nocturnal animals before eating home-cooked bush food under the stars.

At Gomoti, you may enjoy the rivers by taking the family on mokoro safaris in traditional Botswana dug-out canoes. You can also go on motor boat cruises or walking safaris. Then there is this swimming pool, library, and spa therapist for the ultimate Botswana relaxation to keep your spirit soaring even after all the action has worn you out.



Iceland is among the challenging yet one of the best to choose this year. Challenging because of lava fields and volcanic craters; the six inch deep snow and ferocious cold breeze. Ideal because of the following reasons:

  • All that paddling through the breathtakingly beautiful Icelandic countryside, gliding by wild canyons, natural hot springs, and a lush paradise. 
  • Those visiting to Iceland won’t need to bring every item their family might need because all those items can be found simply across the country.
  • Whether you’re in Reykjavik or driving around Iceland, there’s certainly a playground nearby.
  • From lamb and seafood to burgers and fries, Iceland’s eateries provide something for everyone.
  • Iceland is a family-friendly destination year-round. Whether it’s the Midnight Sun or Northern Lights, waterfalls or geysers, mountains or lava fields, Iceland’s nature will be different than everywhere else. Even your teenager will find it cool.
  • Iceland has activities for families of all ages. Iceland features a trek for your active 5-year-old, an adventure-packed trip for your thrill-seeking teen, a peaceful dip in the hot springs, and a new waterfall to discover.



Yes! A totally affordable destination holiday awaits your choice. Unlike the urbanised area of Trinidad, visitors to Tobago can experience genuine island culture, complete with steel drum bands, calypso, carnival, deeply rooted island traditions, and traditional West Indian cuisine. Tobago offers an array of activities that are just as exciting as its coral reefs, including horseback riding, zip line, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and snorkelling for the water babies. One of the oldest protected rainforests in the world, the Main Ridge Forest Reserve in Tobago offers fantastic family adventures on tour.

A vacation at a resort in Tobago is ideal for families considering their lodging alternatives. Kids’ clubs and babysitter services allow you to spend time away from the kids guilt-free while without having to do a thing for the duration.



It would take a month to travel the entire country of Vietnam. Yes! It’s huge with a whole lot of diverse culture and places to explore. 

Southeast Asian nation Vietnam is home to a bizarre marine environment made up of limestone islands, luscious jungles, and hill-tribe villages. By visiting some of the odd communities, you can discover the most amazing cave system in the world and learn about the regional culture. One cannot get enough of the natural beauty, culture, and rich history of this country.

Vietnam offers adventure and comfortably fits the budget if you’re looking for a vacation spot that differs from the typical and overused locations. There are a variety of exciting activities including a few of the most well-liked family activities like the rickshaw rides, boat tours, cooking lessons, and beach days. 

If you’re anxious about navigating Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi with kids, try relaxed Hoi An. Small, lovely, and low-traffic. There are several cycling alternatives outside of town, and the beach is close by. As for food, they have Pho, a popular traditional Vietnamese soup comprising rice noodles, herbs, and meat (often beef or chicken). Its mild flavour is a great way to introduce young palates to Vietnamese food.

Sri Lanka


Thanks to its beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife, delectable cuisine, and kind friendliness, Sri Lanka is a reasonably well-liked destination for families with children. Sri Lanka offers a variety of family-friendly activities, sights, and accommodations at reasonable prices.

You may easily take your kids to observe elephants, monkeys, turtles, blue whales, and leopards in Sri Lanka because it is a fantastic place for nature lovers.

Expect fewer commercial attractions than you would find in other tourist areas because Sri Lanka doesn’t really offer theme parks and other entertaining activities the same way that other nations do. However, one may argue that this adds to Sri Lanka’s appeal. Tourists haven’t really messed it up much.

Wrap Up

We truly hope our list of the top 10 holiday destinations in the world 2023 have given you ample ideas. So, no matter where you end up going, it’s no doubt going to be recorded in your diaries as one of the 10 best places to travel in the world. 

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