How To Attract Women (Top 7 Traits)

Quoting the famous author Bruce Bryans – ‘The man without a purpose is neither master of his fate nor the captain of his soul’. Being purposeful tops the list of traits in men that women find attractive. How to attract women isn’t easy to understand. It takes a man with a sense of purpose to achieve the feat. There was this famous ritual called ‘Swayamvar’ practiced in India where men used to compete to win a woman’s heart. And it was she who chose the one she found most suitable. Often it was a duel and men lost their lives trying to defeat the other. 

Now the question is how to attract women. Well, if you ask men, they are completely stumped. A woman, they say, is an enigma within a puzzle, within a conundrum. Funny, though it may seem, it has the ring of truth to it. Women are choosy regarding men. Most men believe women prefer a gorgeous, affluent, relationship-committed male. Some women do, but most prefer something more lasting.

The top 7 traits of men that work are explained in this post. They will help you understand how to attract women and step up your courting game. You can learn everything that matters to you, determining your own priorities.

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Look, Smell & Feel Good – Men That Attract Women

7 Traits In Men

The first impression is the lasting impression. Even if you are not drop-dead gorgeous, you should know how to attract women. All you need to do is look smart and attractive, dress well, smell good, and maintain eloquent body language. It will give you the level of confidence to feel good inside out.  

You may wonder what’s the big deal with dressing up. Let me tell you there was a reason someone said, ‘Clothes maketh a man’. You can’t expect to attract a woman when you don’t have a sense of dressing. No, she’s not looking for a model. But she’s definitely going to look twice at a smartly dressed man. It’s time to put some effort into your look, choosing your outfits carefully. Also, invest in a watch, maybe a bandana, or cap to go with your outfit, and don’t forget women are driven by scent. Yes, the scent of the perfume is a significant factor to consider. How the man smells is a sure turn-on for most women. Go for musk, vanilla, or mint and see the way it works wonders on their senses. 

Words Are Priceless When Coupled With Actions

How To Attract Women

‘It’s only words and words are all I have, to take your heart away.’ Well, men can be great talkers but without any follow-through. Well, what women want is a man who does what he says. Be careful while wooing a woman. Don’t say something you won’t do. She’ll expect you to follow through or she’ll ditch you.

What you say does matter to her. But, what you do matters a lot more. What women want is a man whom they can fall in love with again and again. So you need to keep the fire burning and for that remember the following to-dos: 

  • Never forget your manners around her. Most importantly, be on time. Open the door for her. It’s not a big deal for you but for her it sure is. 
  • Compliment her! Oh, how women love being complimented! Carry it off with some action like you really mean what you’re saying. Kiss her hand, look at her with appreciation, and walk with her as if you’re proud to be with her. Remember, body language speaks to her. 
  • Spend time with her. Indulge in common activities which both of you love and enjoy doing. Sometimes, leave something to be with her because she needs you to be there. 
  • Plan surprises! Now which woman wouldn’t fall for that? A surprise trip, a surprise gift, or a surprise visit or date maybe would do the trick. 

Character Is What Makes A Man

Having a good character means having integrity. Women have a strong yearning for a man who is honorable, just, and ethical. When it comes to romantic partnerships, a guy who possesses character can help improve the connection he shares with a woman. This is because the man’s moral values will direct his actions and assist him in becoming the most capable partner he can be. When that character extends outside the relationship and a guy can treat others with fairness and kindness, he earns bonus points as a potential partner.

These days it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a man with a good character. Remember one important thing in life. You may have been a wanderer till now but the moment you find the right one, it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Hold on to the right woman once you find her and be the one she can trust blindly.

Men Offering Financial Freedom Attract Women

Women desire a man with objectives and values; a man who can provide for them. They like men who know who they are, where they want to go, and what they value. Confident men who work hard and know what they bring to the table are more likely to earn a woman’s admiration.

The guy who is unsure of himself and his purpose doesn’t have much to contribute. And since creating a connection with a man who doesn’t know this can be stressful and problematic, she will instinctively avoid him. 

A perfect body or fancy car may be appealing but financial stability is preferred on a long-term basis. When picking a mate, women consider financial responsibility more crucial than their sense of humor and physical appearance. It also in many ways makes a man resourceful. He has the confidence to deal with situations and find efficient ways to overcome challenges. 

Be The Sindbad In Her Adventure Of Life

How To Attract Women

‘Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress adventure.’ No wonder these words were crafted by J.K. Rowling who is also a woman. This proves how women love adventure and the man who would be adventurous enough to try new things. Men who are known to be creatures of habit must know this. To keep your relationship as fiery as ever, understand that what women want from men is a lot more than routine things. 

An adventurous man is never dull. Never let your relationship with your woman get dull. Instead, it should evolve so you may learn about one another. You must urge her to try something new every time. Love should be fascinating, innovative, and interesting. You should show her physical affection with your vivacity.

How To Attract Women With Your Manners  

Since early times men have been known for their chivalry. Well, they are still quite good at it. From opening the door or pulling out the chair for her to being a good listener, your chivalry will definitely leave her considering a long partnership with you. 

Among the top 7 traits in men that work with women, your manners are your champion and advocate. Try saying “please” and “thank you” and see the difference it makes. Just like maintaining that eye contact while you converse with her, regardless of whether it’s your first discussion or 100th. Knowing what women want and how women communicate is important. It can save both of you a whole lot of trouble.

Informed Men Know How To Attract Women

Keep up with current events, pursue knowledge, and expand your perspective. What women want is a well-informed man with whom they can have intelligent conversations or healthy arguments. Being informed is the essence of leadership and empowerment. 

When faced with opposition, men of this type do not yield too readily because they are confident in the fact that the ideas, opinions, and methods they have developed are the product of much research and a great deal of effort. However, when they are shown to be in the wrong, they are ready to accept responsibility and take steps to remedy the conditions within their sphere of power. This makes them dependable and women find them all the more appealing and worth pursuing.

A Man Who Never Rushes His Woman

Top 7 Traits In Men

How to attract women without displaying any sign of desperation? Even if you have the habit of rushing things, do not try it while wooing a woman. Or else, you’ll sooner see her back off and disappear from your life. 

A man who does not try to force himself into a woman’s life or impose his own ideas about what should take place is more likely to attract a woman’s interest. Nobody is saying you come off as hard to get or one who doesn’t seem to care what happens.

Just be willing to take things slowly, and make an effort to develop a good connection before you start making assumptions about what will occur between the two of you.

Wrap Up

Usually, men have a hard time understanding how to attract women. The majority of men are on a constant, agonizing endeavor to appear more fascinating, desirable, or appealing to win the opposite sex. Well, not anymore! Now that we’ve shed light on the top 7 traits of men that work over women, you are good to go and make a mark on your woman.  

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