• How To Respond To Gaslighting

    How To Respond To Gaslighting

    In the last few years, gaslighting has become a hot mental health topic among young people.  Today, a lot of TV shows, movies, and reality shows portray examples of gaslighting and such mental abuse. This is good because recognizing emotional abuse can help people avoid dangerous situations. You may accuse someone of gaslighting at work or in a relationship. But first, you must understand what is gaslighting. Also, you need to recognize and know how to respond to gaslighting. Sometimes people may manipulate the truth on purpose. That might make you question your own feelings and thoughts. It’s a sign that they may be trying to gaslight you. Any person…

  • Love Me, Love My Dog (Pet Love)

    Love Me, Love My Dog (Pet Love)

    Including your pet in your love life is placing the condition – Love me, love my dog. If you hate animals or don’t care about them, it will be hard to find a way to include a much-loved pet in your romantic life. On the other hand, people who just don’t get what all the fuss is about when it comes to pets turn off real animal lovers. They want to find someone who can understand what Cleo has done wrong. A pet lover won’t be scared if an animal like a cat attacks during a particularly intimate moment or if a dog growls over pillow territory. When you first…

  • How To Fix Your Marital Relationship

    How to Fix Your Marital Relationship

    Are you married and reading this article? Is it because your marriage is in trouble? Or does it mean you want to fix your marital relationship? Of course not! You could read it for reading alone. If, on the other hand, you and your partner hold the belief that sharing living space necessitates giving in to one another in some way, then your marriage is doomed to fail. The very term “COMPROMISE” exudes a negative aura all on its own and destroys the relationship goals, if any. If you want to keep your marriage from sinking, you have to get rid of this word from your beliefs. One of the…

  • How To Attract Women

    How To Attract Women (Top 7 Traits)

    Quoting the famous author Bruce Bryans – ‘The man without a purpose is neither master of his fate nor the captain of his soul’. Being purposeful tops the list of traits in men that women find attractive. How to attract women isn’t easy to understand. It takes a man with a sense of purpose to achieve the feat. There was this famous ritual called ‘Swayamvar’ practiced in India where men used to compete to win a woman’s heart. And it was she who chose the one she found most suitable. Often it was a duel and men lost their lives trying to defeat the other.  Now the question is how…

  • The Best Dating Apps Of 2022
    Best dating apps of 2022,  Relationships

    The Best Dating Apps Of 2022

    It is said that the best moments in life are the unplanned ones. However, our list of the best dating apps of 2022, is definitely going to define the top dating trends of this year. So you can plan on having some really memorable dates of your lifetime.  Choosing the perfect dating app could be challenging. However, you can always go for more than one of the top dating apps to find the right one. While Tinder would be ideal for finding quick hookups, Bumble and, are perfect for long-term relationships. And as OKCupid comes with various options for romance, with Hinge you need to deactivate the app soon…