How To Attract Women (Top 7 Traits)

Quoting the famous author Bruce Bryans – ‘The man without a purpose is neither master of his fate nor the captain of his soul’. Being purposeful tops the list of traits in men that women find attractive. How to attract women isn’t easy to understand. It takes a man with a sense of purpose to achieve the feat. There was this famous ritual called ‘Swayamvar’ practiced in India where men used to compete to win a woman’s heart. And it was she who chose the one she found most suitable. Often it was a duel and men lost their lives trying to defeat the other. 

Now the question is how to attract women. Well, if you ask men, they are completely stumped. A woman, they say, is an enigma within a puzzle, within a conundrum. Funny, though it may seem, it has the ring of truth to it. Women are choosy regarding men. Most men believe women prefer a gorgeous, affluent, relationship-committed male. Some women do, but most prefer something more lasting.

The top 7 traits of men that work are explained in this post. They will help you understand how to attract women and step up your courting game. You can learn everything that matters to you, determining your own priorities.

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