The Best Dating Apps Of 2022

It is said that the best moments in life are the unplanned ones. However, our list of the best dating apps of 2022, is definitely going to define the top dating trends of this year. So you can plan on having some really memorable dates of your lifetime. 

Choosing the perfect dating app could be challenging. However, you can always go for more than one of the top dating apps to find the right one. While Tinder would be ideal for finding quick hookups, Bumble and, are perfect for long-term relationships. And as OKCupid comes with various options for romance, with Hinge you need to deactivate the app soon after you meet your match. 

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Today the norms and requirements of dating have undergone a significant transformation. As the desire to establish a lasting love connection rises, users seek a more dependable, mature approach to online dating. So here’s some interesting information for you to keep up with the biggest dating trends of 2022.  

Hard-ball Dating Trend Of 2022 

When a person knows why they’re dating and what they want, it’s crucial to be straightforward. Our problem is vagueness. This creates situations’ and ‘friends with benefits’; individuals hoping something more will develop.

Hard-ball dating is the direct approach. Instead of beating about the bush with messaging, meeting up and intimacy leading nowhere, you start by being honest and upfront. This prevents heartbreaks and helps you find like minded partners faster, maintaining boundaries and romantic goals without compromise.

How dry dating influences people’s behaviour and engagement makes it the top dating trend in 2022. Previously their first dates revolved around drinking, leaving them wondering if there was any connection or interest. But, with dry dating they are sober and present for their date. Saying ‘No’ to alcohol seems to have helped people develop more meaningful relationships right from the start. 

Power PDA – Go Bold Dating Trend Of 2022

Watching power celebs like Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly and Kortney Kardashian following this trend makes you curious enough to try this one. It’s like crossing a few boundaries and going a bit bolder on your dates. 

One of the biggest dating trends of 2022, Power PDA is all about embracing public displays of affection like hugging, kissing, and caressing without worrying about being judged. If you’re in for this kind of exhilirating and challenging ‘dare’, Power PDA will give you the kick you need.

Consciously Single

Singlehood has many benefits. Besides never having to share dessert, being single has other benefits that will help future relationships. Spending time alone (especially for those unfamiliar with it) helps build self-confidence, hobbies, and independence. 

We all deserve to relax and have fun. This doesn’t mean you don’t put yourself out there or lock yourself off meeting someone, it just means you’re doing your own thing—and who knows, perhaps this is when you meet someone you never saw coming.

Virtual Dating 

People nowadays are quite careful about investing time and feelings into something they’re quite sure of. They prefer first dates to be virtual rather than actually meeting in person. What started out as a safe option during pandemic has now become a norm among daters. 

When it’s all taking certain dating activities to screen, like going for a walk or working out together, watching a movie together, having a double date, or travelling, virtual dating can be a lot of fun. 

The Best Dating Apps Of 2022 

Be it a serious relationship or a casual meetup, dating is always something you love to plan out. And what better time to go through the best dating apps of 2022 than this, with the fear and struggle of pandemic behind. So find the right match and get hooked up for a new adventure with the sound of wedding bells in the near future.

Hinge – The Instagram Of Dating Apps  

Unlike Tinder, Hinge focuses on connections and talks.Hinge rejects swipes for full profiles with photos and stories. Then, users can like and comment on something in that profile to start a dialogue. Daily, you can see new recommendations and who liked your profile.

Standouts highlight people who are more likely to be your type and issues that Hinge thinks will start a conversation with your potential match. A premium tier increases your profile in searches, but we don’t think you need to pay to use the app’s matching features.

Tinder – The Legendary Dating App

An all time best dating app, Tinder is ideal for meetup/hookup. It is ideal for casual dating and sex. Though easy to use, Tinder can lead to individuals focusing more on photographs than bios and interests. So to get the best out of it, you need to make an effort on your photographs and the ways in which they best portray your dynamic personality and everything you stand for.

The 30 billion matches worldwide demonstrate its convenience and short-term compatibility. Free to use, you may specify your sexual orientation to reduce the dating pool and then wait for Likes You feature. Swipe right or left, Tinder can help you find a range of matches, no matter what type of relationship you’re seeking.

Bumble – Best Dating App For Women

Are you the kind of woman who prefers taking the lead? Well, then this is the perfect app for you, made for women by women. Conversations can be started and continued by women, whereas men are simply given the opportunity to respond to what is said. 

It aims to provide its users with a pleasant experience by having a zero-tolerance policy for the dissemination of hate speech and the criticism of users’ physical appearance. It helps prevent improper actions and content found on the internet. Bumble is not limited to being used solely for the purpose of finding a love interest for its users. It is also effective for business connections and friendships.

eharmony – The Mainstay Dating App

eharmony was the first online dating service to use an algorithm to match users. After creating an account, users complete a “Relationship Questionnaire” to establish a personality profile that eharmony uses to match users. Knowing what you need can make it simpler to find love. When you have found a potential partner, you can start the conversation with a “Icebreaker test” or simply send a smiley. In either case, the use of safe and private in-app video dates makes online dating a lot less risky.

Overall, this is a dating app that works best for users who are more serious about finding a long-term partner, those who are actively looking for a committed partnership.

OkCupid – A True Cupid Dating App

Once ranked as one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 dating websites, OkCupid has become more like Tinder in recent years. If you complete a seemingly endless series of questions (much like a personality test), they’ll give you a Match/Enemy % ratio to assist you measure compatibility based on interests.

This is the top dating app of 2022 for singles who are looking for – 

  • Dates that have the potential to develop into more committed partnerships in the future
  • Your best possible matches
  • A larger than existing social network

Coffee Meets Bagel – When Quality Matters

Coffee Meets Bagel focuses on quality over quantity, unlike many other dating applications. Every day at noon, the app sends men a modest selection of prospective matches based on their profile and interests, while women receive a number of matches who have shown interest in them. If you’re both interested, the app will give you a 7-day chat window and icebreaker.

Knowing you only have a week to swap phone numbers or meet puts light pressure on you both. And while you won’t be going out on dates very frequently, it’s typically a good idea to combine CMB with another dating app such as Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, or Match.

Match – The Top Dating App For Marriage

Match is the best service out there for finding a life companion, and it was selected as an Editors’ Choice winner.Match demonstrates why it has been one of the most successful dating apps by providing a user interface that is intuitive and profiles that are rich in information.

Match asks what you’re looking for and where. After entering your ideal partner’s gender and ZIP code, you log in using email or Facebook. Then enter age and first name and then, design your profile. 

As Match accepts its role as a mature dating app, it adds features to support long-term connections. In-house matchmakers create personalised introductions on your behalf. Match prevents ghosting by reviving inactive talks. Swiping isn’t everything. 

What Makes These The Best Dating Apps Of 2022

Your expectations for a romantic relationship should guide your choice of dating app. We have compiled a list of the best dating apps for people who are looking for a long-term relationship and love after taking into consideration the qualities listed below.

  • Whether you swipe right or click, consider what features you need in a dating app.
  • User preferences include age, gender, and race. By choosing a site with compatible matches, you can find a date sooner.
  • Many people are on a budget, so price is vital. Many free dating apps offer subscription plans with limitless or extra features.
  • Sign-up method varies for each app. Some demand a minimal sign-up, while others, like eharmony, require a comprehensive questionnaire.


Finding love has never been easy. But dating has surely found ways to get better with time. And the 7 best dating apps of 2022 we’ve gathered in this post are best suited for finding that ideal match. A little bit of swiping and sharing, honesty and courage and you’re well on your way to a long term relationship or maybe a wonderful friendship. 

No more stalling! Follow the top dating trends, install the popular dating apps, start chatting, and meet your match today. 

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