The Best AI Voice Generators In 2023

The Best AI Voice Generators In 2023 – AI Technology

Why settle for an average robot voice when there is an AI voice generator to make your ears tingle with delight? Check out our list of the best AI voice generators and get a mind-blowing experience. 

Modern voice cloning techniques don’t need large voice databases or expensive, sophisticated equipment. With the help of AI and speech synthesis tools, it is now easier than ever to make any voice sound like another. People use AI voices in a lot of media today. These include video games, ads, cartoons, virtual assistants, audiobooks, and more.

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What Are The Best AI Voice Generators (Complete Review)

Artificial intelligence voice generators use machine learning and deep learning techniques. These techniques transform the written text into natural-sounding speech.

The following two methods help to create a voice from the text:

  • Traditional TTS Synthesis uses artificial intelligence to synthesize speech from recorded fragments. To choose segments, it analyses text, tone, and other spoken language.
  • Neural TTS immediately converts text into speech using deep learning. Analyzing thousands of text and audio samples has taught it to speak more naturally. The speech quality of deep learning models is more realistic and human-like.

In this post, we will discuss the top 7 AI speech generators. These generators enable businesses of any size to use the benefits of this technology. (The Best AI Voice Generator Available)

The LOVO AI voice generator comes highly recommended. That’s because it has over 500 voices in 150 different languages. The speech quality is authentic and easy to use. The software includes a video editor, an AI story writer, and an AI art generator. This saves you from constantly switching between programs.

Genny, a next-generation AI voice cloner from LOVO, was just released. It has text-to-speech and video editing features. Its ability to make voices that sound like real people is impressive. Multiple editors can simultaneously edit the same film.

  • Includes over 500 distinct voices, and 150 languages, including regional and dialectal variations.
  • Ability to modulate tempo, intonation, pronunciation, etc.
  • Three expressive voices, each having twenty or more tones.
  • In Lovo Studio, you can use visual elements such as stock photos and videos. Additionally, you can use audio elements like music and non-verbal interjections.
  • An Artificial intelligence writer can write stories for your audio and video projects.
  • Use an artificial intelligence-powered graphics generator to make artwork for your narration.
  • We made the AI speech engine in-house, so you can be sure that it produces real and unique sounds.
  • You can create your software with the Lovo platform and application programming interface. But, you need resell rights to distribute it.

The 2-week free trial of Lovo PRO includes Lovo’s top sounds (named beta voices).


  • It starts at only $19 a month (paid yearly) for 2 hours of voice-over.
  • The Pro version costs $36 per month (annually) and includes beta voices and 5 hours of voice generation. (Top AI Voice Generator) uses AI to generate sounds and languages from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft. This makes it a powerful AI text-to-speech generator. You can download the voice-over in the form of MP3 or WAV files. It enables the program to make the text sound like real people.

With, you can choose a voice type, import text, and type in the text to hear it spoken by a live person right away. After that, you can add SSML tags, speech patterns, and pronunciations to the audio to improve it.

Major companies including Verizon and Comcast use Let’s have a look at the features of

  • 832 AI voices support 142 languages and accents, including colloquial.
  • It has “Ultra-Realistic” AI Voices you can’t distinguish from the human voice.
  • There are several voice types, including Newsreader, Conversational, Customer Support, and Cheerful.
  • High-quality, multilingual voice cloning is a distinct add-on that is available.
  • It may produce audio articles using its audio widget with SEO optimization. Make your website accessible to people who have reading issues.
  • It has the capacity to develop one’s own “pronunciation library.”
  • You can share voiceovers you made on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.
  • It even supports other Indian languages besides Hindi.


  • Free: 5,000 words with the attribution “” required for non-commercial use. 
  • The Pro plan costs $29.25 per user per month (or $351 per year), and it includes 600k words each year.
  • Premium service costs $49.50 per user per month ($594 per year when billed), and includes 6 million words each year. (Best AI Voice Cloner)

Murf is one of the most well-known and best AI voice generators. It can turn text into speech, do voice-overs, and take notes. It is a boon for people who work in product creation, podcasting, education, and business.

In a short period of time and with little input from the user, Murf generates convincing human sounds. They then have broad potential applications. You can use Murf for many things thanks to its collection of over 110 voices in 15 different languages.


  • 120 voices speak in more than 20 languages and accents.
  • Change the pitch, speed, accent, inflection, emotional tone, and tone of voice.
  • Change the gender, country, and language of the voices (even within the same line!)
  • Use the International Phonetic Alphabet symbol to give custom pronunciations.
  • With a voice changer, you can switch between poorly recorded voices and clear AI sounds.
  • Also, you can copy your own voice.
  • When you upload your video and script, Murf will make a voiceover with its voice-over video tool. That is automatically timed to your video.
  • A free audio library and a TTS application for Google Slides.
  • You can add videos from 100s of sites like YouTube and Vimeo directly.


  • Free: You can create a voice for 10 minutes and have it transcribed for 10 minutes. Signing up for the free plan doesn’t require a credit card.
  • Basic: $19 per person per month ($228 per year)
  • Pro: It costs $26 per person per month ($312 per year)


For creators who are mostly interested in voicing Podcasts, is a nice option. 

Listnr is at the top of our list. It is a text-to-speech AI voice generator. It lets users turn text into speech in many different ways. These ways include genres, pauses, accents, and more. Listnr has the ability to make a fully adjustable audio player. You can embed this player and use it in audio blog posts. This is a big plus.

Listnr is different for each person because it works on what they like and how they use it. It’s also a fantastic resource for making, organizing, and sharing podcasts. Listnr can help you make money from ads through podcasts. You can share audio with commercial programming rights. You can also change it and then upload it. You can upload it on services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. The AI voice cloner tool can help to do this. Listnr has videos available in over 17 languages. Additionally, the platform utilizes artificial intelligence to translate blog posts into many languages.

Listnr can get more people to join a chat by giving users the option to read or listen to it.


  • Listnr has more than 900 sounds in more than 145 languages and dialects.
  • Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure voices. No need to sign up for more than one.
  • Add breaks and change how you talk and how you say the words. The voices sound right.
  • The audio player is easy to add, so you can turn your articles into audio blogs. It’s easy to connect to WordPress.
  • to make podcasts and albums that are easy to make from start to finish. 
  • The user interface is easy to use, even for newcomers.


Plans for one person start at 19 USD per month and include 20,000 words.


Synthesis is one of the most popular and powerful AI voice generators. With a few mouse clicks, anyone can make high-quality AI voiceovers and AI movies.

This platform is excellent at creating algorithms for text-to-speech. It is also great for making films for business use. Imagine how a real human voice put into explainer videos or product demos will make them better. You can do it in a few minutes. Synthesys offers Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Text-to-Video (TTV) tools. These tools can turn your script into interesting media presentations.


You can choose from around 34 Female and 35 Male voices

Make and sell as many voiceovers as you want for any reason.

Very realistic sounds, unlike other platforms

The choice of words you need to stress to show a wide range of feelings, such as happiness, excitement, etc.

If the user wants the voiceovers to sound even more like real people, they can add breaks.

Preview mode lets you quickly see the results and make changes without wasting time.

Use for sales videos, emails, animations, social media, TV ads, podcasts, and more.


Audio Synthesys costs $29 a month, Human Studio Synthesys costs $39 a month, and both cost $59 a month.

Speechify (Top AI Voice Cloner)

With Speechify, you can convert any type of text into spoken language. The web-based service turns PDFs, emails, and stories into audio files that you can listen to. You can change the speed of the reading, and there are more than 200 voices that sound like real people.

Intelligent text-processing software can turn scanned written text into clear, audible audio. And the audio is in more than 15 different languages.


Web-based, with add-ons for Chrome and Safari

There are more than 200 good sounds to choose from in more than 20 languages and accents.

Pitch, tone, and speed can be changed in tiny adjustments.

Use rights for business

Customized music


There is a free plan with just the basics. The cost of the premium plan is $139 a year.

Clipchamp (Best AI Voice Generator To Use Offline)

One of Clipchamp’s many applications is as a text-to-speech generator. It’s a program that turns text into spoken narration. The Clipchamp crew hand-picked 170 distinct voices in 70 different languages for it.

Clipchamp gives you access to the following categories of Artificially Intelligent Voices:





It has a drag-and-drop text bar.

Choose the language, voice, and speed.

You can preview the created file.

Integrate various music and sound effects.


The free version has all the features and can send in 1080p without any watermarks. The paid version costs $13 per month and comes with a unique brand kit and high-end effects.

Summing Up

AI voice generators have a number of advantages that can help businesses enhance productivity and customer experience and also reduce costs. 

  • LOVO is the best AI voice generator with 500+ voices in 150 languages. The voices are natural and the UI is simple. It has a built-in video editor, AI scriptwriter, and AI art generator. 
  •, another amazing option, lets you generate music without watermarks for free. It supports podcasting, being the best AI voice cloner. Verizon relies on for projects that require voices with diverse accents. 
  • Listnr is a nice podcast-supporting AI voice generator. Its AI voices are extensive. 
  • Murf has better African American accents than other AI voice generators. It offers a Google Slides add-on for AI voiceovers.
  • Clipchamp has speed control. Each sentence’s tempo is customizable.
  • Lastly, Speechify is a good choice if you want to use a text-to-speech tool to listen to books and papers. It makes reading easy.

So that’s it. I’ve outlined the best AI voice generators and top text-to-speech tools in this article, along with their features. The AI voice generators listed above are great at making high-quality podcasts from text or doing regular voice-over work.

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