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Animals are highly skilled at disguising their suffering in order to avoid appearing vulnerable to the natural predators that they face. As a result, you might not notice that anything is wrong with them. Or, sometimes, we just don’t want to admit to ourselves that there may be a problem. Because we might be saving ourselves the mental anguish of doing so. Regardless of the motivation, making a commitment to providing routine pet care and wellness is important. It can end up saving you time, money, and even emotional stress in the long term.

I’ll explain why…

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Why Pet Care Matters 

Scheduling (and keeping) regular wellness appointments for your pet can actually lessen the likelihood of an emergency situation ever occurring in the first place. This is because bringing your pet in for veterinarian care only when anything is wrong is the most common approach. Examining one’s health on a consistent basis may not completely prevent unexpected medical problems, but it can cut the risk significantly.

The early discovery of major illnesses or problems that could put your pet’s health and safety in danger is the actual benefit of preventative wellness care for pets. Vaccinations are a vital component of this type of treatment, but they are not the only component. Illnesses that, if left undiagnosed, could result in the need for immediate medical attention, expensive life-saving treatments, or something even worse…

This reminds me of Mary and her late paw-friend, Secret, who passed away in May 2022. Why do I remember her? Well, because she left her paw prints on my heart too as on the hearts of so many others all over the world. That made me realize why pet care matters even though you know you’re losing the battle. At least you know you tried your best. 

Best Friends Pet Care – Mary And Her Secret 

Pet Care And Wellness
Mary And Secret

Secret, yes, that was her name and she was one heck of an amazing pet friend one could ever dream of having. The moment I saw her first video on Instagram, I fell in love with Secret and I immediately started following the account till one day I read she had been diagnosed with cancer, and that too, of a rare kind. 

This news was earth-shattering and difficult to digest. I kept asking myself for days “Why her?” But, God has His ways, we humans can never understand, can we? Anyways, after recovering from the shocking news, I began thinking about Mary and what she must be going through. If I was so sad, she would be devastated. 

Well, you have to fight for what you love. And Mary was ready to fight for the sake of Secret; to fight till the end. That is exactly what she did, with millions of Secret’s fans praying for her recovery and donating whatever they could to help. 

After a long and stressful battle, we were informed by Mary’s father that Secret had passed away albeit peacefully in her sleep the previous night. It was a trying time for the family and heartrending for all the empathetic fans. We all felt so connected that we wanted to reach out to Mary, to somehow lessen her pain. 

It took her quite some time and strength to come back on Instagram and share her experience with us. Secret had left her with something more valuable than just memories – the will to LIVE LIFE. Working at a veterinary clinic, she decided to raise awareness for pet care and wellness and also canine cancer. And that is how she got Promise, a puppy she brought home to give her all that she had received from Secret; to show the world the wonders love could do to you when shared. And then began a new journey which I’m sure you will enjoy watching if you follow her account. 

Coming back to pet care and its significance, let’s understand the important aspects of it.

Other Aspects Of Pet Care – The 5 Ws Of Pet Wellness 

Pet care goes beyond routine health examinations. It also includes the reproductive and dental wellness of your pet. Regular examinations and discussions about your pet’s constantly evolving health should be scheduled on a frequent basis because they are the single most effective way to ward off diseases and problems that can be avoided. 

Let’s delve deeper into the five pillars of wellness care for pets and take a more in-depth look at one of the most important aspects of maintaining a happy and healthy pet.

Who should be treated for wellness?

From the initial appointment for a puppy or kitten through the final discussion about quality of life, all pets should get wellness care. Your pet friend needs routine health care to check for hidden problems and avoid fatal illnesses, whether your cat lives solely indoors and has never ventured even a whisker outside or your dog is an active hiker and athletic canine who travels all over the country.

What does pet wellness care involve?

Though vaccinations are an essential component of disease prevention, wellness care for pets includes much more than just that. Normally the following critical procedures need to be carried out during your pet’s wellness visit:

  • Comprehensive medical examination
  • Vaccinations based on lifestyle
  • Routine diagnostic testing
  • Blood tests and X-rays
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Urinalysis
  • Prevention and detection of parasites
  • Evaluation of dental health and recommendations for treatment
  • Evaluating one’s food, nutrition, and weight
  • Management of behavior
  • In addition to managing your pet’s acute problems, wellness care also involves monitoring your pet’s reaction to treatment. 

When should pets be treated for wellness?

All pets should receive wellness care at least once a year, but as they become older, they need to be seen more frequently to stay healthy. The first few months of a puppy or kitten’s existence are filled with monthly visits from the centers as they receive the booster shots they require to be fully protected from life-threatening diseases. This enables the carers to guarantee that your pet has a great foundation for long-term health. Senior and geriatric pets require more frequent appointments, maybe quarterly, so they can be closely monitored and their age-related illnesses be handled. Healthy adult pets rarely need more than an annual wellness check to ensure they remain happy and healthy. Every pet’s wellness care is customized to meet their individual needs, and at every session, you could talk about your best friend’s schedule.

Where should pets go for health care?

Pet Care Health Care
Pet’s Health Check Up

You can handle some of your pet’s wellness care requirements at home even if most of it is provided at the hospital. Examples of wellness care provided at home and in hospitals include:

Dental hygiene – By the time they reach the age of three, the majority of pets have some sort of dental illness, but with the right treatment, many periodontal issues can be avoided. Regular professional dental cleanings to eliminate built-up tartar above and below the gumline will stave off more serious oral health problems while regular brushing is the gold standard of oral hygiene at home.

Prevention of parasites — Your pet can develop a number of dangerous, possibly fatal infections from being bitten by mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites. The best preventative measures to keep your dog or cat free of pests can be decided upon by discussing your pet’s parasite prevention regimen with your Veterinary Hospital physician.

Weight loss and nutrition — According to research more than half of pet owners have been found to be overweight. Your beloved friend may stay in top shape and avoid the risks of obesity, which include heart disease, diabetes, joint disease, and some malignancies, by developing a suitable nutrition, diet, and exercise regimen with our staff and putting the plan into practice at home.

Skin and coat maintenance – Many pets suffer from allergies, dry skin, ear infections, anal gland disorders, and other skin conditions, but you can prevent serious conditions that might necessitate veterinary intervention by performing the following preventive grooming duties at home:

  • To avoid matting and skin diseases, brush frequently.
  • Regular ear cleaning can help to reduce ear infections.
  • Frequent nail trimming will help you avoid ripped or overgrown nails.
  • Regular anal gland expression, if necessary, to prevent abscesses, infections, and impactions
  • Taking regular baths to remove irritants like pollen from the skin

Why is routine pet wellness care important?

It is easier to detect disease processes in their earliest stages through routine wellness care, which makes treatment or management of the disease more likely to be successful, and also easier on you, your pet, and your wallet. It may seem quite unnecessary to take your healthy pet to the veterinarian on a regular basis, but doing so can help prevent diseases that are both expensive and potentially fatal, as well as ensure that your faithful companion will remain by your side for a long and healthy life. Wellness care for your pet, analogous to the routine maintenance you give your automobile, will keep them in tip-top shape and “running” well for many years to come, just like it does for your vehicle.

Can Pet Wellness Care Be Made Affordable?

Of course! If you make sure to schedule in time for preventative maintenance, pet care can be far more reasonably priced. The health of your pet is crucial, and being proactive now can help avoid the need for future emergency care. Here are some excellent strategies to make sure you have the funds required for your pet’s care:

  • Every time you bring your pet in for an appointment, put some money aside from each paycheck into a pet care fund. If you save enough, you may be confident you will have enough in case of necessity.
  • You might set aside a credit card to pay for your pet’s veterinarian care if saving money for emergencies and veterinary care is tough for you.
  • An excellent option for anyone with a pet that requires frequent medical treatment and visits is pet insurance. Although it doesn’t cover all expenses, it does reduce how much you have to pay out of pocket.
  • By sending the wellness clinic your regular contributions, you can have an account set up to put some money aside for the costs of your pet’s preventative medical treatment.


Is your pet due for a yearly or biannual health checkup? Call your local veterinary hospital or clinic today to make an appointment for your pet’s preventative care examination. 

The health of your animal companion is a priority for both of us. We hope our story of best friends’ pet care, Mary and her Secret, highlighted the importance of pet wellness and health care and helped you prepare yourself to make informed decisions regarding timely pet care and wellness, examinations, vaccinations, and treatments.

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