Positivity Goals – How To Happify 2023

Let 2023 be the year of intentional and thoughtful living for being happy and successful. 

Happiness is a state of mind and any activity that deals with mind will definitely happify your life. 

Here are 10 ways, more specifically 10 positivity goals, to happify your life in 2023.

Positive Thinking For A Happier Life In 2023

1. Wake up in a state of bliss. While lying on the bed and with eyes closed, take a few deep slow breaths with stretching and twisting your body.

2. Go outside and see the sun, the rising sun is better. It will end your sleep state on a positive note.

3. Brew yourself a big mug of coffee and while it gets a little cold, close your eyes and meditate. Bring your consciousness to inhale and exhale as if you are inhaling energy, health, wealth and exhaling all toxics in the body, your worries and anxieties, forgive toxic people.

4. Sip your coffee with mindfulness, feeling its aroma.

5. Scribble 3 things for which you are grateful and these need not be very big things. Gratitude journaling strengthens positive connections in your brain. Going out in nature for a walk, may be a leisurely one, as it triggers a feel-good hormone called endorphins. 

6. Ziglar advocates daily dose motivation similar to the need for daily baths. Pick a book and read as many pages as can to motivate yourself.

7. Before going to work, play a mental movie about how you want the day to unfold. Visualize each intended task for the day getting completed successfully. 

8. Attitude plays an important role at the workplace too. Project a Can-Do positive attitude and encourage others to do the same. Don’t forget to smile and wish each coworker you meet. Keep your workspace clutter free as clutter overwhelms our mind. Most importantly , leave your work at the workplace only.

9. Happiness is about human connection too. We all need a sense of belonging and being loved. Spend quality time with family, ask them how their day was, their happy moments and understand their needs. A long family dinner is better.

10. Like morning rituals, follow sleep rituals too. Take a hot salt bath to wash away all your negativities and fears. It will calm down your nerves and promote good sound sleep. Rewind your day and thank Almighty for 3 good things that happened during the day. Most importantly, leave your devices outside the bedroom. We all know what a bedroom is for. A light read and soft music do wonders.

Above are just a few pointers, a few positivity goals. Do anything that makes you happy.

Taking an hour for yourselves and your aspirations isn’t selfish or impossible. Positive thinking is essential.

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