The Best 2022 Fall Fashion Trends – Fall Styles To Look Out For

Time and first impressions cannot be reclaimed. Remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. Let this September, the month of climax and completion, be all about rejuvenation and optimism. Get preppy and spectacular, elegant and quirky with the fall trends of 2022. Life is too short to remain the same each day. That’s why they say, ‘Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway’. 

So, are you ready for autumn and its indulgent moods? Let’s get a sneak peek into what’s going to grace your wardrobes this time round. From the ‘less is more’ to the ‘more is more’ trend; from the babydoll dresses to sliced cutouts, and fringing! From leather ensembles to letterman jackets and balaclavas! We take you all the fantastic ways tapping into the most popular 2022 fall fashion trends.     

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Two falls post pandemic, the fashion industry is back with a bang; and with the burst of adrenaline that makes one feel good, inside out. Their energies are channelled more towards the trends of happier times, a trip down the memory lane. This ’90s rendition has pared-back styles from the era. No makeup, just plain skirts, vests, pants, and skirts from full-volume to slinky ’90s styles to entice you this season. Pushing the boundaries while throwing away gender norms! That’s the way it is to be with men in skirts, fur trimmed jackets and hourglass silhouettes.

Let’s delve into this year’s top 2022 fall fashion trends. You need to live in it to believe in it. 

The Pink Positive Fall 2022 Vibe

Girl In Hot Pink

Was pink a feminine colour? Well, back in the early 20th century, pink was masculine and blue was feminine. Not anymore, though! The 2022 Fall trends are here to break the norm with some really hot stuff in pink for men too. Barbiecore, as they call it, became a hit with the celebs and fashionistas the moment it took over the runway. Hot pink and bubblegum comes straight from the world of Barbie. It takes you back in time to the 80s and 90s, recreating Barbie’s minidresses, huge platforms and girly sparkles.

The trend soared with Valentino’s 2022 fall fashion collection. The collection was built of hot pink tones that creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli designed with Pantone. Many designers, celebrities, and fast fashion businesses hopped on the pink bandwagon, right after. The 2022 fall fashion collection featured pink cinched waist sculptural short dresses, wide-leg jumpsuits with off-the-shoulder and sheer detailing, sequined loungewear and knits, and oversized tailored coats and suits with bows, ruffles, petals, lace, and embroidery. Pink was used on everything from opera gloves to tights to shoes and bags for men and women, including supersized studded bags and new platform shoes.

Pleated Skirt

So we’re back to school now and with some brilliant school outfits inspiration too. It’s going to be Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Mean Girls’ type large polo shirt, the grunge trend of odd pairs like skirts and sneakers or cardigans, the self tie dyed t-shirts and the puffy-sleeved dresses. The athleisure sweatsuits, floral dresses or jumpsuits coming straight from celebrities like Addison Rae and Kylie Jenner could also be your style lineup this semester. 

What’s more, this season, the preppy fall trends of 2022 are transporting us to the decade of the nineties with looks that are influenced by vintage school uniforms. Imagine Alicia Silverstone from “Clueless” or Britney Spears from “Baby One More Time,” her most famous music video, and you’ll have a good idea of how to pull off this style. Choose knee-high socks, Mary Jane shoes, and Peter Pan collar shirts to go with your pleated skirts, plaid blazers, and colourful coats. As evidenced by the collections presented by Burberry, Miu Miu, and Off-White, more vibrant colour is always a welcome sight. Your fall 2022 outfits might benefit from a splash of vitality if you choose to accessorise with colours like green, blue, yellow, and pink. A sleek way to flashback to childhood while staying on the 2022 fall trends.

Fall 2022 Floor Length Elegance 

Maxi Dress

When it comes to fashion, modesty and comfort have been increasingly taking the lead in recent years, and this autumn, too long, elegant designs are chosen over short styles. From Fräulein Maria’s window drapings to midcentury vibes, and folk-inspired motifs, every trend is in a maxi style. 

There has been a significant increase in the length of hemlines, which is something to be happy about. You can see this fall 2022 trend in a variety of fashions, from casual styles at Louis Vuitton to beautiful gowns at Burberry and Saint Laurent. You can get a laid-back vibe by wearing a long skirt with a hooded jacket and sneakers; dress up a casual dress by wearing it to work with a pair of smart pumps; or go for a more glamorous look by wearing a floor-length dress with a pair of heels for an elegant evening ensemble.

Glitz & Glamour Fall Fashion Collection Of 2022

Sequinned Dress

Almost every leading fashion designer has come up post pandemic with sparkles, glitter, shimmer, metallics, and anything that shines. Dior’s Disco-inspired show in Shanghai featured sparkling fall 2022 outfits. In SS22, Rodarte, Brandon Maxwell, and Michael Kors made sequins the star of the show. New York too didn’t end the sparkling craze. And Dolce & Gabbana showed metallic skirts, sparkly gowns, and Y2K chokers, like the Fendi-Versace switch-up. 

Whether it’s the Serafina Sequin blazer, Ronette Sequin bra top or Halston Ray metallic midi dress, the aim is to get that more is more attitude with an all shine embellishment. Since sequin is a statement in itself, you could look sleek even with a sequined top over casual denims. It’s called a subtler take on 2022 fall trends

Full Leather Look

A full-leather look exudes strength and  elegance. A style that’s mainstay, leather is in for a daring refresh this fall. Masculine leather mixed with feminine accents, the 2022’s ‘bikercore’ fall  trend include denim-on-denim, leather jackets with flowy skirts, and biker-approved accessories.

Even if you’re not like leather motorcycle jackets, you can still wear leather this fall. Suggestion is to go for animal print leather, bright coloured leather, and shiny leather texture this season. The sleek and tailored head-to-toe looks in elegant neutrals and vibrant colours come with slick options for even the most edge-averse of individuals. Also, the pink leather trenches from Miuccia’s Prada collection beautifully displayed the armour like effects of the layered leather. 

You can also use leather pieces to add texture to other parts of your appearance. This trend includes tall leather boots and crossbody bags. 

Faux Fur

The world’s famous luxury labels have since long eliminated real fur from their collections. And yet, the fall 2022 fashion collection had a significant amount of faux fur; the resulting styles being unexpectedly impressive. While shearling is typically trendy for Fall, this season brands looked to long-haired sheepskin and faux-fur to imitate the look. 

The style of the 1990s has made a comeback, albeit in a more updated form. Opulence and an unapologetic embracing of flamboyance, typically reserved for women’s collection, is being seen in menswear too. The most remarkable aspect of these collections is the way in which the furs and shearlings achieve a balance amongst themselves. While some companies, such as Prada, and Alyx, focused on trims, Dries Van Noten, Dolce & Gabbana, Loewe, and Rhude have gone all out with full-on jackets. GmbH brought the large fur collars and cuffs, in black, white, and a rich red colorway, with an air of lavish extravagance. 

Fall 2022 Fashion Iterations With Bomber Jackets 

Puffer Bomber

The famed bomber jacket is definitely my choice of the 2022 fall fashion trends. I’ve worn bomber jackets most of my life. Their strong comeback this fall is great news.

Perfect for fall, bomber jackets are heavier than other jackets but not as thick as winter coats. The bomber jacket is a transitional style staple that might rival leather and denim jackets as a Fall fashion cover-up. Bomber jackets are instantly cool and mix well with black denim or leather pants. Collarless style pairs well with pussy bow blouses, collared shirts, or loose hoodies for a sporty look. 

Embellished bombers, puffer bombers and Leather bombers stormed the runway during the fall 2022 fashion shows. Embellished bombers pulled over a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress were for the casual yet sleek look. Puffer bombers were ideally suited to give that sporty feel, warm,cool and casual. And the unmatched and timeless sporty bomber silhouettes were the timeless classics with that retro sports feel. 

Street Smart Street Style Fall Outfits

Cargo Pants

I am a great cargo pant fan. And the 2022 fall fashion trends bring back some great memories. In the 1990s, cargo trousers, also known as utility pants, were an essential piece of clothing. And here they are, back as one of the really flexible fall trends. To tell you the truth, they never really disappeared. Cargo trousers have long been worn by die-hard fans of the cargo pant style. The ease of functionality of these pants is incredible. 

Very simple to put together an outfit with; you can’t go wrong with a T-shirt, a crop top, or even an oversized button-down shirt with these. It’s cargo pants dominating the street style scene this fall. The pants look awesome whether paired with bright coloured tank tops or with figure hugging corset tops. And stars like Hailey Beiber and Gigi Hadid have made cargos look sexier and more versatile than ever. 

A Wrap Up 

Celebrating post-pandemic freedom, designers and high fashion brands have come up with their top fall fashion collection of 2022. The two distinct themes – one that mixes practical, comfortable clothes that highlight roomy silhouettes, marked with colourful, sexier and much more glamorous outfits, alongside a hymn to the stifled femininity and an urge to break free of repressive scenarios.

The largest fall fashion shows at the fashion capitals have given us a lot to look forward to this season. The deconstructed knits, re-worked tailoring, and masses of leather to biker-style designs are back with a bang. Discover the biggest 2022 fall fashion trends, from robe jackets to equestrian vibes, details, accessories and silhouettes. Reconnect with nature. 

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