What Are The Best 10 NFTs Of 2022

Since the beginning of last year, NFTs have been all the rage in the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain technology area. Even famous people have picked the top NFT projects to look out for. If you are an NFT enthusiast, then you must know the thrill of purchasing these non-fungible tokens. And not just purchasing but actually owning a genuine piece of artwork, music or real-life objects. In this post, we have the Best 10 NFTs of 2022 for you to explore and choose for your wallets. 

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  1. The Best 10 NFTs Of 2022 – Key Selling Points 
  2. Which Are The Best 10 NFTs Of 2022
  3. Best 10 NFTs Of 2022 – A Wrap Up 

The Best 10 NFTs Of 2022 – Key Selling Points 

The world has gone NFT crazy since the last couple of years with these unique digital assets creating a furore in the tech world. From online games to buying pricey artwork to unique profile pictures, NFTs have become a major part of our lives. And though the NFT market is said to be unstable at present, the potential still exists.

Still looking for the best NFTs to invest in? Well, we are getting you there. But first let’s understand what it takes to make top NFT projects.

  1. NFT Creator – Of course, a name that is well-known always matters. That counts as a great selling point. 
  2. The Cost – Imagine buying the best at a reasonable price! That’s true in this case, if you’ve noticed. The best NFTs most often come at a reasonable cost long after they are minted. Early investment could even lead an inexpensive NFT to reach a larger crowd.
  3. Celeb Support – Well, fame does work wonders. A celebrity owned NFT definitely has its benefits, getting the luxury status of making it invaluable.
  4. That little extra – The top NFTs offer more than just art, as we’ve said. NFTs with extra features like event tickets and high-profile Discord groups help build a community.

Which Are The Best 10 NFTs Of 2022

Because of all the excitement that has surrounded these non-fungible tokens, an increasing number of people are entering the NFT market. Let’s review the best 10 NFTs to buy in 2022 and the reasons they are wise investments at the moment.

Silks – The Sports NFT Project

Silks is a virtual environment that allows players to feel the excitement and the rewards that come along with being the owner of a racehorse. Silks mirrors a sport that thrives amid recessions.

It is the first derivatives-based, play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse in the world, and it is a direct reflection of thoroughbred horse racing that takes place in the real world. The game involves owning NFTs of the quickest real-world thoroughbreds.

It is a P2E game because if you buy the racehorse’s NFT and it wins in the real world, you get paid in the Silks metaverse. After the release of Silks Genesis Avatars, the project became OpenSea’s 15th best-selling Ethereum Sports NFT. Since Silks Horses are based on real-world horses, their value will go up as the Silks metaverse grows.

Tamadoge – The Metaverse Meme Coin

With its real-world use, Metaverse and NFT technology, Tamadoge is well on its way to changing the whole meme coin market. Other such coins are having a hard time keeping up with this initiative because of its real-world applications and innovative ways.

NFTs represent virtual pets in Tamadoge. Pets are raised by their owners from the time they are babies until they are grown. As a Tamadoge grows up, it gets stronger and learns new skills. It can also fight other pets. The better care they give their pet, the more Dogepoints they get. With Tama tokens, you can play a number of fun games in the Tamadoge metaverse, which is just called the Tamaverse. 

Battle Infinity – Gaming Platform Of Fantasy Sports NFT 2022

Battle Infinity brags of being the world’s first decentralised gaming system for a metaverse.  The P2E battle games integrated with the metaverse universe are given the name “The Battle Arena.” Players can not only play and fight in this world, but they can also enjoy and experience the immersive Metaverse space, which allows them to engage, perform, watch, and explore the virtual world of Battle Arena at the same time.

Battle Infinity has undisputed potential because of the popularity of metaverse-based platforms. In addition, once the market recovers and begins to show signs of improvement, Battle Infinity will be in a strong position to profit from the optimistic attitudes of investors.

Lucky Block Best 10 NFTs Of 2022 

Lucky Block – the decentralised gaming ecosystem! Is it as lucky as its name? Well, it sure does have the potential to address a number of issues such as safety, liquidity, and slow payments. Based on a simple concept, Lucky Block merges blockchain technology with a decentralised lottery system. As a result, the system is expected to become both more equitable and more profitable.

Besides, it is believed that just 10,000 Lucky Block NFTs will ever be produced. Hence, being a bearer of a unique token will grant you access to a wide variety of privileges and advantages. When a lottery is held, one individual is awarded 70% of the jackpot, 10% of the jackpot is donated to charity, 10% of the jackpot is allocated to marketing, and 10% of the jackpot is dispersed among all Block holders in proportion to the amount of tokens they possess.

The Kleks Academy 

This NFT collection is for Professor Kleks lovers. Kleks Academy is a Jan Brzechwa-inspired multi-D NFT. Every three months, the NFTs will release six graphics and facts. Also revealed are the token’s uncommon traits and benefits.

After the Summer Enrollment Collection and movie release, Multi-D NFTs will access the Kleks Academy metaverse. Multi-D NFT owners will find virtual Kleks Academy activities and challenges. The new Kleks Academy film uses augmented reality.

The programme values inventiveness. Creativity is measured by FRECKLE$ METRE. They get FRECKLE$ every day for five years that can be used to buy multi-D NFTs.

Dining with the director, access to the film set, sharing the editing room with the director, and owning original artefacts and costumes are further privileges.

Face TransPlants – Best NFTs Of 2022

If you appreciate arts and creativity then this project is for you. Because that is the kind of community it aims to build. FaceTransPlant owners can attend art, music, and educational activities.

FaceTransPlants include 10,000 NFT caricatures. PFP NFTs are digital tokens or artworks developed for social media profile pictures. This project’s arts connection makes it unique. First 1,000 NFTs were set to be discounted in August 2022. The artworks, designed by SCALE, were inspired by the self’s decay and exposure through vibrant sights and ludicrous images. 

Although a new project, FaceTransPlants has created a buzz in the industry with its creative content. Using ideas like drawing caricatures of NFT figures like Farokh and Snopp Dogg made the project popular.

Mavrix – Virtual Reality NFT Of 2022

Mavrix, a highly anticipated NFT project aims to create one-of-a-kind augmented reality (AR) NFT art to be utilised in the metaverse as avatars.

9,999 NFTs, all based on Ethereum, represent users in online communities and virtual worlds. Marvix augmented reality software lets users dress up avatars and snap photos and videos. And rest assured, your MAVRIX AR NFT 3D avatar will never be replicated. 

The fact that Marvix holders will also be qualified for weekly giveaways, receiving 30% of the royalties from secondary sales, makes this NFT worthy of being included in the list of the top 10 NFTs to buy in 2022.

EstateX – Property Ownership And Investment NFT

Imagine having real estate investments so liquid that you can use the proceeds to pay for daily products and services. Well, EstateX aims to do just that. With quick liquidity and permissionless financial loans, EstateX will make it possible for anyone to build a real estate portfolio that brings in a consistent passive income for them. Powered by blockchain technology, EstateX will produce fractionalized ownership of real-earth assets investments, making them available to everyone. This is the best NFT to buy in 2022 if you want to make building a residential, commercial, or industrial portfolio as easy as online browsing on a smartphone.

Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT – Cartoon Apes Collection

10,000 different apes, each with their own unique combination of face expressions, fur types, clothing, and other accessories. That’s exactly what the Bore Apes Yacth Club is all about, if you were wondering.

There is a wide variety of fur textures, facial expressions, apparel, and accessories available for each individual ape. Because of the rarity component that each quality possesses, certain attributes are significantly more valuable than others. They are seen as status symbols, and just like other status symbols, their value is derived more from how they are perceived and branded than from their actual utility.

Over the course of the past year, BAYC has developed into a barometer for NFTs in the same way that bitcoin is for the overall cryptocurrency industry. The success of the BAYC can be attributed to a number of different elements, including mainstream potential, influencer or celebrity involvement, the utility for members, and community appeal.

STEPN NFTs – Web3 M2E NFT Projects 2022

Earn while you burn! Imagine you’re not just losing those extra pounds, you’re actually being paid for it. What greater motivation could you have! 

With STEPN you move, that is, walk, jog or run and it earns you tokens for every step taken. When you make more moves, you earn more tokens, and when you have more tokens, you have a greater chance of winning expensive stuff. That’s the reason it is called the move to earn (M2E) game. 

Stepn combines two popular gaming concepts: augmented reality (AR) and play-to-earn.

To play, players must buy an NFT sneaker and can upgrade it to earn more GST per session. These sneakers are in fact non-fungible tokens (NFT tokens) that can be  traded on secondary markets.

Best 10 NFTs Of 2022 – A Wrap Up 

NFTs are quickly becoming the choicest investment for celebrities, musicians, normal people, and even gaming platforms. If you want to optimise your profits from an investment in NFTs, it is important to educate yourself on how to buy NFTs, which NFT tokens are the best to buy, and other relevant criteria.

The Best 10 NFTs of 2022 mentioned in this post are those few exceptional NFT projects expected to increase in value throughout the course of the year. 

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