Virtual Reality Interviewing Techniques (Crack The Best Of All)

Interview In Virtual Reality (Tips To Get Through)

It’s amazing how virtual reality has completely changed the process of job interviews. A new era of in-depth interviews has emerged as a result of the merging of tech and HR practices. This blog takes a look at how VR is shaking things up in the world of interviewing. And how this innovative technology is revolutionizing talent acquisition and global selection. You can explore Virtual Reality Interviewing Techniques and its incredible potential.

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Virtual Reality Interviews – The Future Of Recruiting

Virtual Reality Interviews

The world is getting used to the new normal of remote work and virtual contact. And everyone today knows that online job interviews have become the rule.

When looking for a job, the interview can be nerve-wracking. But with the right advice and planning, it can also be a great chance too. You can show off your skills and set yourself apart from the competition.

With any luck, the information in this blog will help you feel prepared for your next interview. And for that, you first need to understand why recruiters prefer virtual interviews.

What is a virtual interview?

Are you unfamiliar with the term, “virtual interview”? Well, it is an online interview conducted via the Internet rather than in person. Online interviews like these are becoming the standard.   Individuals and businesses find this very useful based on their different locations.

The two parties involved in a virtual interview can find each other anywhere in the world. and still communicate with one another. There is no need to worry about distance, travel time, or other limiting factors.

The nature of the medium gives your online interview presentation an added significance. You can use video conferencing software and create an acceptable place in your own home. You need to dress right and present yourself well on camera. All this can help to make a positive first impression on your potential employer.

Virtual interviews have become popular due to an increase in available job positions. According to the studies, the number of available jobs exceeds the number of job seekers. And the ease, speed, and customization offered by the virtual platform help quick applicant screening and interviewing.

Platforms like iMocha help recruiters spend half time on the screening process. Companies can save money through such recruitment services rather than holding in-person interviews. Let’s have a look at the most frequently cited benefits of virtual reality interviewing.

Work from home:

Now hiring managers to screen, interview, and test candidates from anywhere.

Developments in technology:

Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet are more reliable platforms. They help organizations save time and money through virtual interviewing.


Virtual interviews are convenient for both the candidate and the hiring manager. Interviewees can take part from home or work. Recruiters can reach applicants in many time zones without leaving their desks.


Virtual interviews save companies money. They cut the cost and hassle of travel for both the recruiter and the candidate.

Effects on the environment:

Virtual interviews have a less carbon footprint than their in-person counterparts. That’s because interviewees don’t have to drive or fly to meet with them.

Virtual Reality Interviewing Techniques (Top Tips)

Virtual Reality Interview Preparation

Gear Up (Get your equipment ready) 

Being technically prepared is the first and, arguably, the most crucial step here.  For a virtual interview in 2023, you need to avoid as many technical issues as possible. Check that your computer, internet connection, headphones, and webcam are in working condition. 

Technical glitches could ruin everything if you aren’t careful.  You wouldn’t want to have technical difficulties at a crucial job interview, would you? So, make sure your mic and headphones are in working order. And any necessary conference call applications are up to date. 

Check that you have the necessary software installed for the virtual interview. You should have the software the event’s organizing firm is using. It may include specialized plugins, third-party programs, or even custom integrations.

Finally, before the interview begins, connect and test everything out. Then double-check that all your equipment is in working order.

Choose a calm and professional atmosphere.

You should make sure that your virtual interview space is peaceful and professional. You must prepare the area so that you look your best on camera.

Pick a spot where there won’t be too much in the way of visual or auditory distractions. This way people can concentrate on what you have to say. 

You shouldn’t meet at a busy cafe or other crowded public place. Because you won’t find a quiet spot there.

Make sure there’s plenty of natural light so the interviewer can see your face well. And set up your webcam so that you’re looking directly at your interviewer during the video chat.   

Also, you should have all the required information and materials within easy reach. There should be plenty of power outlets in case there are any technical difficulties.

Lastly, warn your family about the video interview so they can plan accordingly. That way, no one will disturb your online gaming from the adjacent room or walk in on your live stream.

Make a recording of a test run.

Next, in 2023, one of the most useful pieces of advice for virtual interviews is to have a dry run and videotape it. The right frame of mind is required. And filming your interview will give you a great chance to see how you come across to others.

Consider this to be a practice interview. Mock interviews are beneficial regardless of the format of your interview. 

You can fix your faults and see where else you could have done better by using video editing software. You’ll learn where you can make the most progress. And you’ll know how to fortify your self-assurance before the interview.

Take notes while you watch the replay. This will help you prepare more engaging answers for the real interview. Having a recording as a fallback gives you more control. It even makes it simpler than ever before to get ready for online interviews.

You can prepare well for any unexpected challenging queries that may come up. 

Interview clothing advice

Dressing for an online job interview is less of a consideration. Yet, if you want to make a good impression, you should dress professionally from head to toe.

You may be asking, “What should I wear for a virtual job interview?” Put on your best corporate attire, such as a dress shirt, a tie, and a pair of slacks.

Wear something that fits you well and is sleek and wrinkle-free. People’s eyes are naturally drawn to vibrant colors on video conferencing apps. So, try adding some understated pops of color to your suit jacket or blazer.

Finally, stay away from wild prints; the camera picks up every detail, so stick to solid neutrals.

Find a suitable time

When doing a virtual interview, timing is everything. You should be there physically and mentally for the whole interview.

Remember that online interviews may be less time-consuming and formal than face-to-face ones. So prepare answers that get right to the point.

If at all possible, steer clear of providing responses that veer off-topic. Don’t risk confusing or losing the interviewer. On the other hand, avoid answering questions too quickly. That can give the impression that you lack the ability to communicate effectively.

Prepare thoroughly. Read up on the company, industry, and position in question. This will provide you with the ammunition to convince them why you’re the ideal candidate.

Keep your body language tuned

Virtual interviews are just as dependent on body language as their in-person counterparts. It’s important to think about your overall presentation, from the things you wear to the way you sit.

Even if you’re communicating via computer, your body language should be open. To make a good impression smile genuinely, use gestures, and speak with confidence.

Make sure your body language is natural. The interviewer will be able to tell if you’re acting or feeling awkward. Don’t turn your back on the camera. Sit up straight, and act as if you’re having a normal conversation with the interviewer.

You may make a great impression by paying attention to things like your posture and eye contact.

Tool For Interview In Virtual Reality 2023 (iMocha)

iMocha has AI-powered skills evaluation tools and expert guidance. It helps recruiters make data-driven recruiting decisions.

Here are some of the reasons why recruiters use iMocha’s virtual interview feature:

  1. iMocha can screen prospective employees before inviting them to a virtual interview. Content collection with over 2500 talents helps recruiters assess prospects’ expertise, and personality. This can help recruiters identify and talk to qualified job candidates faster.
  2. iMocha’s assessment platform allows users to create tests unique to their industry. Thus, hiring managers choose individuals with the proper abilities, expertise, and traits.
  1. iMocha offers remote proctoring. It ensures a safe and fair test. Remote proctoring lets employers track test takers and catch cheating. As part of their arsenal of remote proctoring tools,
  • Mixing up the questions and answers at random
  • Proctoring of multimedia content, including audio and video
  • Geo-restricted IP addresses
  • Recognizing faces
  • Honesty of the Screen
  • Anti-copy protections
  • Internet surveillance
  1. With iMocha, you can manage the entire recruitment process with the click of a button. That’s because it is compatible with a wide range of legacy ATSs. Recruiters can use iMocha to review resumes and conduct virtual interviews.
  1. iMocha’s assessment tools can simplify virtual recruitment for recruiters. They offer customized tests, online proctoring, and integration with video conferencing software. They also offer live coding interviews.

These benefits can save recruiters time and effort while attracting top candidates. For demo, you can visit

Final Words

It looks like video interviews are going to be all the rage in the future of recruiting. So, it’s important to prepare and make a great impression on potential employers.

We hope the virtual reality interview tips in our post will help you nail your next interview. And, you’ll be able to deliver a convincing and impactful presentation in no time! 

Our virtual reality interviewing techniques help highlight your skills. They also help prove why you’re the perfect fit for the job you’re seeking.

Never settle for failure, keep pushing forward. Follow our virtual interviewing guidelines and ace your upcoming video interview.

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