How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas time, one of the most happening times of the year for people of all ages. And decorating the Christmas tree has been my favourite part of preparations. Since we wait the entire year for this time, it has to be better than the best, doesn’t it? Let’s recreate the holiday magic with tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree, giving it that spectacular look that dazzles the onlookers. 

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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree: Top Ideas

Christmas Tree Stand – Festive Extravagance

It doesn’t matter if you have a thing for Fraser firs or blue spruces; in order for your ideal Christmas tree to completely shine, you need to place a strong stand underneath it. This will ensure that the tree is properly supported. It goes without saying that ornaments and other holiday decorations can do a lot to spruce up a Christmas tree. However, a Christmas tree stand may literally make or break your holiday décor, so it’s important you pick the right one.

How To Fluff A Christmas Tree

It is important to give your Christmas tree the right amount of fluffing so that it appears as full and as lifelike as possible. When putting up the Christmas tree, is an extremely important stage.

If you follow the following tips as per the advice of professionals, how to fluff a Christmas tree will no longer be an issue. 

  • Wear long sleeves or gloves so that the branches do not scratch your arms. Keep a dustpan and broom handy to sweep up tree debris as you go, so if you have kids or dogs they don’t get messed up.
  • Start with the lowest layer and work your way up, separating and spreading out each frond. To make the branches more flexible, give them a gentle shake. Not to worry; they won’t be broken by that.
  • Observe from every angle whether the tree appears to be full or even. Fill in any bald spots and empty spaces by manipulating the branches appropriately.
  • A smart idea is to place some decorations further into the tree to cover up any holes if it is slim and has few branches.

Festive Lighting

Are you stuck on how to put lights on a Christmas tree? Well, our tips on the best way to string the lights will definitely ensure that lighting a Christmas tree is easier than you ever thought it would be. 

  • When hanging Christmas tree lights on it, figure on utilising 100 lights for every foot of its height. So for a 6-foot tree, you’ll need roughly 600 lights. We’ll demonstrate how to decorate a genuine Christmas tree with lights. 
  • Divide the tree into three triangular parts from top to bottom, then wrap the lights around the cone rather than winding them around the tree like a maypole.
  • The last bulb should be placed at the top of the tree close to the tree trunk after plugging in the first string of lights. After that, cross the triangle while moving the tree lights back and forth. Avoid wrapping the cord around itself. Plug in the next set of lights when the current string comes to an end, then keep weaving the lights back and forth until you reach the bottom. Never string together more than 300 Christmas lights. With the other triangles, repeat this process.
  • Connecting two strings of lights creates a dead zone. Hide the green plug in the branches to avoid that. 
  • Move away from the tree and strain until the tree is fuzzy while keeping your eyes crossed. Move the lights to cover any dark areas you notice on the tree. To turn off the lights without getting them tangled, go backwards.

And if you don’t prefer putting up Christmas lights, you’d rather invest in a pre-lit Christmas Tree at These artificial Christmas trees come pre-lit with 350 white LED lights that do not require stringing and can be quickly switched from all-white to multicolour depending on your preference or the occasion. That’s one method to make sure you won’t ever have to stress out about dealing with those pesky string lights again.

A Christmas Tree With Topper

The Christmas tree topper is one very important part of decorations. We have always loved stars and angels as tree toppers, and we will always adore them. And the best part of it all is that there are no rules when it comes to decorating our beloved trees. 

Instead of hanging from a hook or rope-like other tree ornaments, the topper rests like a crown at the top of your tree on the highest branch. This arrangement can be challenging because it frequently sways and won’t stand still. For your Christmas tree topper to stay put, you must employ the best anchoring method. You might need ribbons, pipe cleaners, zip ties, or floral wire.

Star Christmas Tree Topper

Most star tree toppers include a spiral or conical base at one of the star’s points to sit on a vertical tree branch. If this procedure doesn’t secure or straighten the star, use a wooden dowel, a metal skewer, or a real or fake tree branch as a splint.

  • Insert the stick into the topper’s base and hold the longer end against the tree branch. Pipe cleaners, floral wire, or ribbons can be used to secure the stick. Glue, tape, or knot the stick to the star’s back if it has no foundation.
  • To hide these items, paint a dowel green or brown to match the tree and use brown or green pipe cleaners, floral wire, or ribbons. Use dazzling ribbons or red and white twisted pipe cleaners to decorate the anchoring tools.

Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Traditional angel tree toppers balance with the top branch under the angel’s skirts. This method leaves the angel unbalanced and insecure. Angel ornaments can be secured in several ways.

  • Sew, glue, or staple ribbons, floral wire, or pipe cleaners inside angel skirts. Then wind the ties around the tree.
  • Make a craft foam cone stand to secure an angel on a Christmas tree. Cut a hole in the cone’s centre with a sharp, serrated knife so it can sit on the tree’s top branch.
  • Angel skirts over the cone. You may need to trim or carve the cone to make it invisible under the tree topper.

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Christmas Tree Ornaments For Decoration

  1. A large garland may make a tree stand out. These suggestions, however, pertain to mantel garland, not lightweight garland that drapes over branch margins.
  • Start from the top of the tree, about one-fifth of the way down.
  • If the tree is artificial, tie the garland on with floral wire or twist the branches together.
  • For a 6-foot tree, wrap the garland around it two to three times, and for a 9-foot tree, three to four times.
  1. Add big, exaggerated decorations to your tree to create a genuine impact and give it a designer flair! Make use of your imagination!
  • For a 6-foot tree, add 2 to 3 big items, and for a 9-foot tree, add 3 to 4.
  • Make sure to space them out around the tree and avoid placing them right next to or directly over one another.
  • At the base of the tree, hang the biggest Christmas ornaments.
  1. Place less expensive Christmas decorations, like plain spheres, deeper into the tree. You will only see them briefly, but they will reflect the lights, make the tree look fuller, and fill in any empty spaces inside the tree. When compared to later, when the “outside” of the tree is covered with bigger ornaments, it is much easier and faster to hang these ornaments that serve as fillers.
  2. After filling the tree with cheap ornaments, add special ones to the outside. 
  • Mix large and little ornaments, but hang the largest first, then medium, and then small.
  • Instead of dangling huge ornaments from the trees, try nestling them in.
  • Instead of ornament hangers, use pipe cleaners or floral wire. Plus, they’re reusable!
  1. Many homes will clumsily hang decorations from their Christmas trees, giving the impression that they are crowded and a little bit cramped. Consider symmetry while distributing your decorations in an even pattern.
  • Add ribbon, garland, and glitter tape once all picks, ornaments, and oversized pieces are on the tree.
  • Add glitter tape near the top, below the topper. Similar to the earlier step, wind it around the tree.
  • Let glitter tape twist and turn as you work. This makes it look great.
  • Begin adding ribbon at eye level and work up and out.
  • Put the ribbon in different directions so it’s not just wrapped around the tree.

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Gift Placing

Putting presents under the Christmas tree is as exciting for adults as it is for kids. So, once you’ve finished decorating the tree you buy all the presents to place at the tree base. There are a few things to keep in mind when putting gifts under your newly decorated tree.

  • Choose two or three different kinds of wrapping paper with the same colour scheme to wrap your gifts. Use ribbons and bags to make things look different and interesting.
  • Socks and toiletries, which aren’t as exciting, should go in the front. The most exciting gifts should be put at the back so they are opened last.
  • To make your tree look like a creative collection, switch up what each person gets and make smaller stacks of different heights.
  • If you have big gifts, you should put them on the side of your tree instead of right under it.
  • Spread out your Santa gifts instead of piling them up to make them look bigger than they are.


We hope that our expert techniques and creative tips helped you understand how to decorate a Christmas tree like a pro. And with all the above-mentioned Christmas tree decoration ideas, we believe, you are ready to break out of the real or faux tree already. 

So guys, gather up your sparkliest Christmas tree ornaments and enlist the whole family to ’decorate a Christmas tree’ mission and make holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

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