Full Body Workout – At Home & Without Equipment

Train With The Best Full Body Workout At Home 

Be stronger than your excuses! Your excuses won’t kill the fat, the best full body workout will. 

I come from a family of fitness freaks. Gym or no gym, nothing has ever stopped us from the hustle for that muscle. It all begins with a little motivation and continues as a habit. Whether you’re home, at work or on a vacation, you’ve just got to workout. And there’s never a round the clock access to machines or weights anywhere and everywhere. No worries! You can still have that best no equipment workout

According to studies, the greatest approach to lose weight and burn fat is to do exercises that use several muscle groups and raise your heart rate. And you don’t need any machines to execute them. You can try the at home full body workout; a workout plan that includes bodyweight exercises to enhance strength, power and mobility and needs no equipment. 

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The Best 2022 Fall Fashion Trends – Fall Styles To Look Out For

Time and first impressions cannot be reclaimed. Remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. Let this September, the month of climax and completion, be all about rejuvenation and optimism. Get preppy and spectacular, elegant and quirky with the fall trends of 2022. Life is too short to remain the same each day. That’s why they say, ‘Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway’. 

So, are you ready for autumn and its indulgent moods? Let’s get a sneak peek into what’s going to grace your wardrobes this time round. From the ‘less is more’ to the ‘more is more’ trend; from the babydoll dresses to sliced cutouts, and fringing! From leather ensembles to letterman jackets and balaclavas! We take you all the fantastic ways tapping into the most popular 2022 fall fashion trends.     

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The Best Pet-Friendly Vacation (India)

I have a passion for seeing new places, yet I always feel as if I’m missing something important when I do so. It’s none other than my own personal travel paw-tner, Max. Max, a stunning golden retriever, has always been one of the most important companions of my life. It used to be quite difficult for me to leave him at my cousin’s house whenever I went on vacation. That soulful gaze of his seemed to follow me around everywhere I went. After much thought, I chose the best pet-friendly vacation (India) for us. And believe me, it wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined. Why? And we really seemed to enjoy it together. 

Being a pet parent is an emotional journey. Like me, there are many pet owners and people who enjoy travelling but struggle with similar issues. And if I have found a way out, then so should you. Here is the list of the top 5 pet-friendly destinations in India compiled by me for you. Take your pets for that pet-friendly vacation and make memories to last a lifetime.

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How To Attract Women (Top 7 Traits)

Quoting the famous author Bruce Bryans – ‘The man without a purpose is neither master of his fate nor the captain of his soul’. Being purposeful tops the list of traits in men that women find attractive. How to attract women isn’t easy to understand. It takes a man with a sense of purpose to achieve the feat. There was this famous ritual called ‘Swayamvar’ practiced in India where men used to compete to win a woman’s heart. And it was she who chose the one she found most suitable. Often it was a duel and men lost their lives trying to defeat the other. 

Now the question is how to attract women. Well, if you ask men, they are completely stumped. A woman, they say, is an enigma within a puzzle, within a conundrum. Funny, though it may seem, it has the ring of truth to it. Women are choosy regarding men. Most men believe women prefer a gorgeous, affluent, relationship-committed male. Some women do, but most prefer something more lasting.

The top 7 traits of men that work are explained in this post. They will help you understand how to attract women and step up your courting game. You can learn everything that matters to you, determining your own priorities.

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How To Lose Weight Fast (Best Ways)

Who doesn’t want a sexy body and flat abs these days? And watching celebs on their instagram handles showing great bodies and six pack abs, the motivation is ever increasing. But, what we fail to see is the time, effort and sacrifice it took for them to get there. That Scarlett Johansson hourglass figure or Dwayne Johnson’s killer physicality didn’t come in a day just like Rome wasn’t built in a day. You need to adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience. And in this fast paced world, with so many responsibilities dangling like a sword over the head, not all of us have that. So, the question arises, ‘How to lose weight fast’ and still get a sculpted body. 

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The Best Dating Apps Of 2022

It is said that the best moments in life are the unplanned ones. However, our list of the best dating apps of 2022, is definitely going to define the top dating trends of this year. So you can plan on having some really memorable dates of your lifetime. 

Choosing the perfect dating app could be challenging. However, you can always go for more than one of the top dating apps to find the right one. While Tinder would be ideal for finding quick hookups, Bumble and Match.com, are perfect for long-term relationships. And as OKCupid comes with various options for romance, with Hinge you need to deactivate the app soon after you meet your match. 

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