Role Of IoT Applications In the Military

Although the Internet came in 1969, IoT gained prominence in 2010 when Google announced Connected Cars. The Internet of Things (IoT), essentially, covers Everything and Anything which when becomes part of connected systems renders valuable services. Major industry giants turned their attention to IoT. Andy Standford of IBM and Arlen Nipper of Arcon introduced the first machine-to-machine protocol MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport). The four major components of IoT are Sensors, Connectivity, Analytics, and User Interfaces. The last decade witnessed innovations in all these components. Sensors that use little power but are very accurate, machine-to-machine communication, advances in machine learning, cloud technologies, and applications that make the user experience better have all led to a huge growth in the field of IoT and its use in almost every field, including medicine, agriculture, remote sensing, city planning, industry, and the military. Nowadays, IoT has entered households with smart wearables, Google Home, Alexa, and other devices enabling the concept of Smart Homes. The role Of IoT applications in the military is huge. For example, it is used in battlefield surveillance, health tracking of soldiers, Smart Soldiers, etc.

This article gives an overview of innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT), its current state, and how it is impacting the military domain through its innovative applications in this domain.

Keywords: IoT, IIoT, IoBT, IoMT, connected systems, networks, sensor technologies, machine-to-machine communication, analytics, machine learning, cloud, military.

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