Love Life – My Mentor Rosy Joy

By Ivniaz Zoref

Love Life! This is a genuine story about a love that grew and died with just me. Although it did not result in marriage, the love had a significant impact on my life. The purpose of telling this story is to once again reiterate the power of love. Learn from your mistakes, and it’s much better to learn from the mistakes of others than to wait until you make a mistake yourself and then figure out what went wrong. My love story itself is long but the associated happy period was short. It had an everlasting impact on me. The story goes like this. 

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Love Life And It Will Change You

Rosy Joy – the name was changed, but the initials were kept the same in order to preserve the same piousness that the real RJ possesses. Rosy Joy was very definitely a female, but she was not your average girl next door. She was born into a respectable family, albeit a lively one, as far as I can tell. She has already achieved a great deal of success, but I have no doubt that one day she will be recognized all over the world for the selfless deeds she has performed. She is an ambitious young woman.

She kept coming into my life again and again but I could not get married to her. No regrets. Although she did not return my affection, she gave me much more than love. She indirectly taught me several life-changing lessons in love and others. Here are some of them:

Love can make you achieve anything 

It was not love at first sight but love at 0th sight. I was in love the moment I saw her photograph. I assure you that it was genuine, blossoming love rather than mere infatuation. It began in 1999 shortly after joining my first job. Although a fresher I was doing so much work efficiently and with responsibility as a decade-old employee. Our family has a history of accomplishment and integrity in business, but my true love for RJ was what kept me going forward. No one (including myself) recognized it until all was over. 

Writing your goals is the beginning of achievement 

Your desires become objectively evident when you put them in writing. Now, you know what to achieve and can plan to start your journey to success. When things between us could not materialize, I wrote a 48-page letter to her – listing what were my plans in life. Career-wise, it was getting recognition as an outstanding professional and doing higher studies at a premier institute. And now, I have achieved whatever I had written to her. There is always a woman behind a successful man and for me, she is none other than RJ. 

Respect the sentiments of others 

Initially, my family disapproved of our marriage based on religious pretext and when things started again, her family did the same. So, it’s not only you who have the power to exercise your choice but others have too. Later, I realized how much she and her family would have gotten hurt.

Obey your parents 

I wouldn’t have had to go through life’s suffering if I had agreed with my parent’s choice. Parents make well-informed decisions. They are unable to see your problems. Therefore, simply and logically heed your parents’ advice.

Be firm in your decisions 

Just be bull-headed. If you decide not to do something then do not rethink about it. When things were not settled the way I wanted, I literally forced my parents to re-initiate the talks and materialize things. 

Life Wants You To Be Tough 

When things got over, I kept weeping (internally). I could not concentrate on my work. Though she had not returned my love, the realization that she had taught me valuable life lessons soon brought comfort to my hurting heart.

Love Life without expectations

Real happiness, according to my mother, is observing her contentment wherever she may be. I should be delighted to see her there, as she can only be content in her own way. While it’s possible that she doesn’t love me, the fact that I can still love her is as certain as the dawn’s arrival of sunlight.

Moral Of The Story 

I am now a happily married man who is blessed with a wonderful wife and an adorable son. The reason for this is that “I forgot that I fell but looked only where I slipped,” as the saying goes. So, it does not matter that you fall in love or life but what matters is how soon and how well you bounce back.

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