How To Live A Fulfilling Life – The Power Of Choices

Make The Best Conscious Choices To Live A Fulfilling Life

You can’t expect to live a fulfilling life without making the right choices, however painful they might be. Our actions are the result of the best conscious choices we make. Whether it’s choosing to do the mundane laundry or taking that life-changing job even though it pays less. 

A year ago, I decided to put my active profession on hold while I dealt with my health. Like last summer, I hoped the decision to return would fade away without my having to examine my options.

I could be procrastinating this very now if I wanted to. Instead, I mustered the willpower to make a decision. And in doing so, I learned that my health issues were not resolved. They persist, and they continue to present me with tests I can take head-on or try to avoid. What we do shows who we are and what motivates us.

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