ADHD In Women: A Complete Guide

ADHD or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in women needs to be diagnosed much earlier in life. If it isn’t, the condition may be misunderstood as a byproduct of women’s attempts to keep up with the hustle-culture of capitalism and the expectations of patriarchal society to be a “superwoman” in both the workplace and the home. When you combine that with the fact that our phones have become increasingly like an appendage that interrupts us, it is easy to see how this could become a cause for significant concern.

Nevertheless, in today’s world, we are aware that, in addition to the gender role expectations and cultural norms that may play a role, there are also biological reasons why women may report having symptoms of ADHD.

In the past, this was thought to be a problem primarily affecting boys and men, with women and their specific experiences, such as the fluctuation of their hormones throughout their lives, being an afterthought. It’s high time we made a change like that. It’s time we stopped letting women suffer in silence and confusion while they figure out how to get through life the hard way.

Let’s have a look at the following five important facts about ADHD in women that you should be aware of:

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