It’s a wonderful life!

Love Conquers All

Life gave me a fairytale – Life gave me Jane, a girl who changed my life; a girl who taught me a valuable lesson – ‘To find love, you have to first learn to give it, and give it wholeheartedly’. She was unique. I had never met a girl like her. 

I still remember the day I fell for her, head over heels. It was raining heavily and we somehow managed to get to my apartment, running all the way from the bus stop. I didn’t like rain because I didn’t like getting all soaked, my hair plastered to my head, not exactly the gentleman who had left home that morning. 

Jane seemed amused at my discomfort and couldn’t help laughing at the look I gave her. Well, she was still looking beautiful, in fact more beautiful, her hair all messed up, face aglow with happiness and eyes twinkling with mischief. For a moment I forgot myself as I felt an inner satisfaction seeing her so pleased. 

My apartment was a single room with a single bed and a tiny mirror on the wall beside it. This was the first time I had brought her home and what she thought about it really mattered to me. Surprisingly, she was still smiling, looking around as she went to stand in front of the mirror, raising herself a little to peek into it. “O my God! I am a mess”, saying that she burst into laughter and then looking at herself again tried in vain to bring her hair back into some semblance. 

They say there comes a moment in your life when you change and change forever. This was that moment for me. I realized how deeply I was in love with this girl and to what length I could go to keep her happy. Yes! She deserved the best and I would give it to her. I vowed I would make a home for her; a home that would have everything she had ever wanted. 

I don’t remember the last time I had been as happy as this. My mother’s death two years ago had left me devastated; a broken man with no will to live. But, something had kept me alive; something had kept me going. I didn’t know what it was till the day I first met Jane.