Life, Memories, Success & Failures – A Retrospection

By Ivniaz Zoref

Remembering to put what you’ve learned into practice in the face of temptation, discouragement, or difficulty is one of the most difficult aspects of bettering your life. It is simple for anyone to implement a plan after reading about it, but it is far more challenging to stick to the plan in actual practice.

Learning is a continuous process. There are a lot of life lessons that I sincerely wish I’d picked up when I was still young enough to value them and put them into practice. The thing about wisdom, and about these lessons in general, is that they are learnt in retrospect, long after you needed them. This is true both for wisdom and for the lessons of life in general. The encouraging thing is that other individuals can profit from our experiences (success & failures) and the things you’ve discovered through them (that make our memories).

The Beauty Of Life – Experiences & Learning

Let us start with a retrospection of your life and your experiences. Simply rewind the tape of your life to the days of your early childhood when you were a mischievous child and you will see what I mean. You may not remember some of the incidents that have happened to you, but other people have told you about them, so you are aware of them. You enjoyed the delicious food made by your mother. All your wishes and desires were taken care of by your father. You kept playing all day and you were pampered by grand-parents. There was no fear or tension. Do you remember that being one of the happiest times of your life?

As you grow up, you went to school and learnt so many things. You developed new skills and a sense of responsibility. While at college, you started planning for your life ahead and developed a sense of self-reliance. And, all the while you were enjoying that life.

Once you got a job, a sense of financial independence developed. Then, came the stage of your married life when you developed a sense of family responsibility. Hadn’t you enjoyed sharing time with your spouse and seeing your kids grow?

Well, that’s enough of retrospection. Was there any purpose in doing a post-mortem of life? Yes, there was not a single purpose but many. Doing so revealed that I could write about your life because it was the same as mine and as of any other person. Have you realized in previous paragraphs that you had enjoyed every stage of your life? All the time, you were developing yourself and fulfilling a role and responsibility. Were you playing any role when you were a kid? Yes, certainly you played a subtle role -the role was of giving immense pleasure to your parents and grandparents as they watched you jumping here and there, learning new things, expressing yourself with just two-three words.

So, you have always enjoyed life as you are doing now and can enjoy furthermore in future. You had learnt and achieved a lot in previous life, so you have potential to learn and achieve more. You were always responsible and so are now to make your life complete.

If you had some bad past or had seen some failure then you need not worry. It was not you alone. All of us had gone through some troubles in life. Do you know or remember anyone who did not have any problem or no memories to share of failures or success? Troubles will come and go. It is up to you to learn how to act and be happy in troubled times. Isn’t that the beauty of life?

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